Wow 2012… What a ride! My Year in Review

2012 in review

I gotta say… 2012 was one of the most action-packed years of my life. No doubt. Why? Well, thanks to this blog. I have done things I have never imagined, been to places I had only dreamed of, and met people I would have never thought I could. It has been one crazy ride and I am so excited to see what lies ahead for 2013!

My Year in Review

2012 in review

Each and every month of this past year offered up something exciting and new… oh wait… I think that is “The Love Boat.” Well, whatever… it has been one crazy, full-filled journey. And the pictures above only show a small amount of what all happened this year. There was so much more I could have included! Take a look:


I started the year off with quite a bang. I was sick the first week with the worse case of the flu I have ever had. Luckily I was well enough by the second week to attend CES in Las Vegas. This was the first time I ever did something like this and it set a precedent for me. I had an amazing time. Met so many great people. Built relationships and formed partnerships. Plus, the highlight of my trip was seeing my most favorite band from my childhood, Chicago, perform live! I still have goosebumps when I remember the night.


February was all about the family. We did some quiet activities at home and the hubby and I had an amazing date night for Valentine’s Day. And although it was the quietest month of the year, it was no doubt still a highlight for me. My family means the world to me and just being with them is all I really need.


More local activities came into play in March and one of our favorite ones was a trip to the zoo with Tillamook. That event led to a great, lasting relationship with the company and we still have a fridge stocked with their cheeses. The brand relationships formed at these types of events should not be anything less than a priority. I have definitely learned a lot about building those bonds and partnerships this year and hope to continue with them in 2013.


April brought an interesting local conference to town that I was even able to invite the hubby to for a day. We learned so much about this giving, faith-based company and, even better, we met ladies who were personable, loving, and genuine. Again, it was all about the relationships.


In May we took our first of several trips to San Antonio and enjoyed so many fabulous sights of the city. The Riverwalk, Children’s Museum, SeaWorld, Natural Bridge Caverns… we took it all in and enjoyed every minute of it. Well, the kids enjoyed some more so that I did and still do not let me live it down. Something about a zebra that wanted to eat me. yeah, it was crazy. I also got to spend a day with the chefs of Wholly Guacamole. Plus, even more important, my oldest daughter graduated and we threw quite a homeschool graduation at the house! It was beautiful and we enjoyed spending the day with so many family and friends.


This was the month my fascination with celebrities began. Why? Because I found myself working as press on the Red Carpet Premiere of the TV show Dallas. I met each cast member of the show. Had my picture taken with Jesse Metcalfe and got to fist bump Larry Hagman. How bittersweet that memory has become after his passing just a few weeks ago. It was definitely a new experience for me and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been there. But, there was much more to June. Another trip to San Antonio for the opening of Aquatica. A private evening event at the Dallas Zoo with local restaurants. Plus a phone interview with The Sandwich King himself, Jeff Mauro. This was one busy month!


Looking at pictures from July on my computer it was quite busy  here at home. But, it looks like I spent lots of time writing as well since July is full of review after review. The biggest thing that happened that month for our family was my middle daughter (8 at the time) heading off to her first church camp. When my oldest went the first time I was literally sick with worry. This one, being the 3rd now, I did much better and  she had a fantastic time!


Wow! August was one busy month mainly due to ONE event: BlogHer. That was the experience of all experiences. As far as blogging goes, this is definitely one of those events you have to just “do one time” to even understand. It was so much craziness wrapped into one trip. I loved parts of it and hated others. The best part? I was able to meet SO MANY of the fabulous faces behind the blogs I read everyday. I made lasting friendships.. and that in itself made the trip to NYC worth it.  And at home, we received an official diagnosis with our youngest that would change the way we managed our daily lives. But, it only strengthened our family bonds and challenged us to become even better.


This month became one the the COOLEST months of my life… ever. Why? All thanks to the most amazing Disney reps… whom I also met at BlogHer and who is a celebrity among bloggers (picture below). I was invited to Hollywood for the #DisneyMoviesEvent where we packed as much as possible into a 4 day trip. Let’s see, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere and Cast After-Party plus cast interviews, 1st press screening of Lincoln, Wreck-It Ralph and behind-the-scenes looks along with interviews, Monsters Inc, 3D, Paperman and interview with director,  and The Secret of the Wings along with interview of the director as well. I am crossing my fingers for another Disney trip! It was incredible.


If I have learned anything this year it is that I no longer have a comfort zone. I have been pulled so far out of mine that I am not sure it still exists. October proved that for me. I was asked to go on a local TV morning news show to talk about holiday shopping. I still cannot believe I agreed to it. But, I did. So I can now say I have been on Good Morning Texas.


Since my husband’s birthday as in November, I was able to provide him with an absolutely incredible gift: a Corvette Thrillride around Texas Motor Speedway. He and I actually both got to ride along and it was exhilarating. I would highly recommend everyone try it at least once. Oh, and the week prior we took the whole family to Speed Zone to drive go-carts and dragsters. I mean, that was almost the same, right?!


I LOVE how we were able to end the year. Chevrolet loaned us a 2013 Chevy Tahoe for a week and sent us out an a service project. We took the family to Toys ‘R Us and were able to buy $200 worth of toys for a local charity. But, not only did we get to purchase the toys, we were also given a tour of the Mission, met the amazing woman that runs it, and then were able to place our toys on the shelves. We were actually able to meet some of the people who would be taking home the gifts we purchased. This one event helped put the entire year in perspective. We are blessed and we can see that. There is no doubt that big things are ahead in 2013 and we cannot wait to be a part of it all.

Here is a collage of some of the events mentioned above… and some I may have failed to mention but enjoyed nonetheless.

2012 Events

Remember those celebrities I mentioned… here are the ones listed above and then some. Some I met in person, others I talked to on the phone, and still more were during web chats. However I talked to each of them… it was an honor and I am grateful for each and every one giving me a minute of their time.

2012 Celebrity Collage

Happy New Year! May it be fun-filled and blessed!

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  2. Julie Wood Says: December 31, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    I really enjoyed getting to read about your awesome adventures in 2012! You sure did get a lot done! You meet some amazing people along the way,and got to enjoy yourself too. Thanks for sharing this interesting blog post! I hope 2013 is as much fun as 2012 was! Happy New Year!

  3. Evelyn Goettner Says: January 4, 2013 at 4:03 am

    I enjoyed reading all the you accomplished in 2012. I hope to accomplish greatness in 2013!

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