Wordless Wednesday with Linky – DFW Tornado Outbreak

The weather here in North Texas got a bit crazy today! After finishing up a Twitter party I was hosting, I went downstairs to make lunch. As I sat down to eat, I noticed the weather getting bad and news reports of tornadoes. I decided to go grab my girls from school since the  storm was set to hit around the time they normally get out. I arrived to find half the parents had the same idea. I grabbed my girls and left JUST BEFORE they went to lock down. The storms lasted until for about 2.5 hours. My dad had to leave work to escape the storms. My mom was sent home. My sister, who works in a hospital, was in a stairwell with others trying to stay safe from a tornado heading her way. My husband was up the road from her in a storage closet at work trying to avoid the same tornado. Another tornado touched down near my brother’s shop and family to the East of us were also in the path of a tornado.

Fortunately, not only have we been able to check on family and friends and receive reports that all are well, but the news has not yet reported any fatalities. That is the best news out of all the mess. There is no exact number of tornadoes reported as of yet {6pm CST} nor the degree of damage… and they are saying it will take a couple of days. But, again, thankful that we survived. Things can be replaced… people cannot. {The latest news reports claim at least 12 tornadoes touched down, no fatalities}. Mashable even wrote a post about the storm: “Twitter vs. Tornado

DFW Tornado Outbreak

I was unable to capture pictures since I was home with all 5 of my children and protecting them. The sirens were going off and the rain was pouring down. When my husband got home {early} I hugged him and cried. It was an emotionally and physically exhausting day. Schools were on lock down. Businesses closed. Cell towers were down and communication was hard {I lost contact with my husband during the storm even}. So, I apologize for the “UN-Wordless” post and non-original pictures… but I wanted to share today. Praying for families affected by the storms… yet joyful that there have been no deaths reported. A local news station has collected several videos from throughout the day and posted them on their website that you can also view. Plus, Buzzfeed collected 25 Unbelievable Pictures from the storm.

dfw tornado outbreak

Tornado damage pics via Brandon Todd in Kennedale via Fox 4 News

dfw tornado outbreak

A large trailer being thrown through the air by a tornado near Lancaster via WFAA-TV

dfw tornado outbreak

My cousin took this one. She works with several other family members and this was next door to their shop. They all sought shelter at a nearby cafe to ride to the storm.

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