Twitter Parties

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A Twitter party is a pretty fast moving, yet fun, virtual party. The parties typically last between 1 to 2 hours (although 30 minute parties are acceptable as well) and are an exciting way to connect and discuss a topic of mutual interest.

Twitter Parties

Most Twitter parties have an expert panelist or two, as well as a party host to keep the party on topic and moving right along. Twitter users are asked to tweet with a specified Hashtag (#) for the party which the party host will announce prior to the event. If you look at a Twitter party calendar (such as TweeParties), parties are listed by the hashtag (#). Users can search for the hashtag and join in the conversation. These parties are a great way to connect with others via Twitter and find followers with common interests in your brand. Often, there are great prizes given away by the party sponsors.

The Host:

  • Ask questions about the party theme in relation to your brand
  • 1-2 weeks prior to the party start sending out tweets, Facebook updates, or blog community posts
  • Blog about the party and let followers know what to expect
  • Have an RSVP list where the party attendees can sign up for the giveaway and can help promote via daily tweets for extra entries (thus extending your invite reach to all of their followers)
  • Discuss giveaways with Sponsor, if desired

Brand Benefits:

  • Increase in traffic to your website (Scavenger Hunt style party directs attendees to your site for detailed answers or general questions about your product can also lead attendees to your site for answers)
  • Gain new followers on Twitter as well as your website, Facebook or other online presence
  • Introduce your Social Media presence as well as promote your product or brand to the reach of all those in attendance through their Twitter stream
  • Find those interested in your brand through the after-party #hashtag stream or through the RSVP list

Pricing + any giveaways (sponsor will be responsible for shipping out products):

  • Please contact me at for pricing and more information.
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