Teen PR

Pepper's beautiful smileWith two teenagers in the house, one male and one female, we see a variety of trends that manage to come into our home. Teenagers are a fast growing group of both influencers and spenders. Teenagers are typically the first ones to help establish new fashion trends as well as influence where mom and dad’s money goes. I know that I had to have my 15 year old son help me set up my iPad and my 17 year old daughter was the first to teach me how to work my iPhone. Teens know about today’s market trends in fashion, technology, lifestyle and more… plus they have friends they can share with. My teens are active on Social Media {Facebook is constant on both their computers and smartphones} and spend more time shopping at the mall than I do.

Research shows that teens spend most of their money on clothes. Second to that, males like to buy video games while girls enjoy shoes. Coming in third would be entertainment, such as movies, iTunes, recreational activities and more. Let’s face it, in today’s world, the 32 million teens have buying power that most parents are most likely not ready to admit.

From the Mediamark Teen Research study, here are some more trends to expect:

  • Twice as many teens live in the south than in the northeast.
  • The south has seen a significant increase in the teen population.
  • Teens also tend to work harder as they grow.
  • 16-17 year olds have about four time more disposable income than 12-13 year olds.
  • Older teens have more influence on family purchasing decisions on items like personal computers and cell phones.
  • More and more teens are becoming aware of the perils of accumulating debt even though most of them tend to be spendthrift in nature.

Jake looking all thin

Therefore, are you looking to market to the youth of America? Pepper {my 17 year old daughter – 18 in September} and Jake {my 15 year old son} have agreed to write their own product reviews when needed. If you are in need of reaching a younger market they can assist you by reviewing your product and writing their honest opinions about their experience. They already assist in the reviews I write by expressing their thoughts that I can then interject into my post, but they want to write their own. Both have blogs where they have done their own writings, but would guest post at 7 on a Shoestring for purpose of reviews. The product should have a MSRP of at least $20, otherwise the total cost of the product plus a monetary difference should equal $20 . Or you could offer a sample product for review as well as a giveaway {you provide shipping} and there is no charge. If you are interested you can contact me or fill out the form below.