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What does your bedtime routine with your kids look like? For many of us, it often includes a bedtime story once teeth are brushed and the kids have finally climbed into bed. Parenting experts can at least all agree on one thing when it comes to bedtime routines: be consistent. Establish a Bedtime Routine Scholastic and Orajel are partnering......

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Disclosure: I have partnered with Fruit Shoot™ to share with you how my kids are enjoying the outdoors this summer. Are you headed on a family adventure? Fruit Shoot™ is Made for Adventures and they want to see yours! Capture a video of your kids in action and share the video on the Fruit Shoot™ Adventures Film Contest website......

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If there is one thing I have taught my children to have, it’s independence. From the youngest to the oldest, they truly enjoy being able to do things on their own. Now, do they still like mom and dad to DO for them? Of course, but we all know that “when you want something done right, you do it......

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I think we can all agree that growing up is hard. Transitioning into a tween is definitely a challenging time for most of us. For our middle daughter, Jaden, that transition is upon her and she is desperate to define herself among the others. Define Yourself When she noticed the pride her sisters were showing in their custom-designed clothing from The......

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How are you getting your family out and about this summer? We have already been across the country from coast to coast exploring all we could — including as many museums and zoos as we can. Why? Because we love to instill the fun of interactive learning into our kids as we travel. Most recently, we didn’t even have to......

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