Anthony Mackie is The Falcon

Anthony Mackie

There are not many men that get me a little flustered. Honestly, just Colby. But when we met Anthony Mackie recently, he sure showed me different. One quick hug and I was smitten with this guy. He was hilarious, down-to-earth, and great to talk to. Anthony Mackie Anthony Mackie said it plan and clear when… 

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Edge of Your Seat Action – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers is back from the 40′s and has acclimated to the present. In fact, with a new hairstyle, bigger muscles, and even a new crime-fighting partner, he is back as Captain America. Captain America: The Winter Soldier As each movie intertwines with the next, Captain America: The Winter Soldier picks up with Steve Jones… 

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Scarlett Johansson Feels Empowered as Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson

According to Scarlett Johansson, Marvel listens to its fan base. So, when we asked her when there would be a “Black Widow” movie out, she said, “if you request it, they will come.” Therefore, make some noise for Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Scarlett Johansson Marvel, and particularly Kevin Feige, understand that the… 

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