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SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet

We were excited to add  SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet app to our iPad2.  The fourth mobile app based on SUPER WHY!, the preschool series from PBS KIDS, it allows your child to join their favorite Super Why! character in an alphabet adventure.  There are  five mini-games incorporated into the comprehensive curriculum and it features over 400 words. Not to mention, the child is given the ability to practice recognizing sounds and distinguishing between upper and lowercase letters.

Princess Presto

The five mini-games included are:

  • Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Safari!
  • Super Why’s Z Marks the Spot!
  • Wonder Red’s Let’s Letter Fly!
  • Princess Presto’s Under the Sea Sounds!
  • Woofster’s Golden Letter Bones!

SUPER WHY! in Action

Our 3 year old, Monkey, enjoys playing the game mainly for Woofster.  Since she has a strong love for dogs, she likes to play Woofsters Golden Letter Bones. Being able to trace out the letters is perfect not only for learning, but for her tactile sensory needs as well. Being able to touch the iPad screen and learn is a great part of her sensory diet and helps develop her language skills as well. And she still enjoys the other features of the app, but Woofster is by far her favorite.

Princess, our 7 year old, on the other hand, keeps her self entertained with the  Princess Presto’s Under the Sea Sounds. I mean, of course, right? There is a reason we call her “Princess” and she holds true to that name! Since she is still an early reader, she likes the challenge of listening for the sound and then finding the corresponding letters to form a word. The phonics make learning easy and are helping her reach her goal towards a higher reading level in her class. (That she purposefully set for herself I might add).

Super Why

Game Features:

  • Rewards: Each time a players successfully completes a mini-game, they earn a special souvenir sticker for their “Map of the World.” They can then decorate themed backgrounds with the souvenirs they have earned,. Plus, they have the ability to save each creation to the device.
  • Music Videos: Users can easily access a collection of alphabet-themed music videos from the show SUPER WHY! to gain further exposure to the alphabet.
  • Progress Tracking: An included progress tracking tools allows parents to see how their child is performing on two of the mini-games. Plus, it identifies which letters or common letter sounds they still need to practice. Perfect for further instructing and assisting your child learn.

The SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet App is available from the Apples App Store for $2.99 on both the iPhone and iPod touch as well as for $3.99 on the iPad.

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    SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet We were excited to add SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet app to…

  2. Super WHY! is such a great show. My family loves playing this Super WHY! game!

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