Tweetable Takeaways at SeaWorld #AdventureCon13

As a SeaWorld San Antonio Ambassador, my family gets to enjoy the park as many times a year as we can make it down there. Our SeaWorld park also hosts an annual blog conference called AdventureCon that allows me to learn while my family plays. This year we had a fabulous time doing both.

Tweetable Takeaways

Tweetable Takeaways #AdventureCon13

As my family spent time doing crafts, riding rides, and playing in the water, I learned valuable tips for upping my blogging game. After all, without my blog we would not have the luxury of attending SeaWorld whenever we wanted. And I am all about learning more and perfecting my craft. I will share the fun my family had in another post, but for now take a look at some of the valuable tidbits I learned while at #AdventureCon13.

Here are a few Tweetable Takeaways I sent or RT’ed as I listened:

Storytelling on the Go, Mobile Apps and Blogging (Magaly Chocano, SwebApps)

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Techniques and PhotoWalk

How to Package Your Content for Success (Ashley O’Neill)

Working with Brands (Kami Huyse)

See? So much goodness! And these were only the things I was able to tweet out while trying to take my own notes. There was a wealth of knowledge to be had and I am grateful for the experience.

What is your favorite tip from above? Do you have one of your own?

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