Safe Driving App by Verizon Wireless Helps Keep Eyes on the Road #VZWA

safe driving app

safe driving app

Safe Driving App

Have you done it? I know I am guilty. You are driving and your phone notifications go off. Even though you try not to look… you do. For me, I am always worried it can be an important message I could miss… especially when my kids are not with me. With technology today, I know I can be in constant contact with them and I like having that option.

But, did you realize that looking down to read a text takes you approximately 4.6 seconds? That may not sound long to you, but when you are driving 55 mph it is equivalent to driving an entire football field… blindfolded.

Wow! Never thought of it that way. That IS scary!

Keep Eyes on the Road

Knowing this, and wanting to maintain everyone’s safety by making sure to keep your eyes on the road, Verizon Wireless developed the “Safely Go” app. Available to Verizon customers through Google Play, the app can be set to safely answer calls and texts for you while you are driving. That way, you keep your eyes on the road and there will be no more blindfold driving. You simply install the app, configure a few settings, and when you hop in your car activate the app.

safe driving app

Unless you receive a call or text from the 3 important contacts you established, your phone remains silenced. The user on the other end receives a text stating you are driving and will reply later or is sent straight to voice mail. You can also set 3 apps you may need while driving, such as maps or navigation.

safe driving app

Once you reach your destination, simply exit the app and you will notice any missed calls or texts in your notification center. Done. And you had one less distraction on your drive. I am really liking the “Safely Go” app. It helps me further protect those 5 pieces of “precious cargo” I often have on the truck with me. I would have to say that no call or text is worth risking their lives over.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.
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  1. Safe Driving App by Verizon Wireless Helps Keep Eyes on the Road #VZWA…

    Safe Driving App Have you done it? I know I am guilty. You are driving and your phone notifications go…

  2. Very cool! I just installed it. I have T-Mobile and it installed fine on mine! Shhh, don’t tell Verizon!
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  3. I wish Verizon had an app that as a parent I can activate and would require a password to turn off. For the smartphones it would work for when the phone is going over 20mph. I don’t trust the youth to activate this on their own. My daughter died in a car accident due to texting and driving. I had told her repeatedly how dangerous this was. I sent her articles on it. She always promised me she wouldn’t text, but couldn’t resist I guess. I would block the phones I pay for with this app, I would even pay an extra fee if necessary.. I can only hope those who knew her, have learned the lesson. I don’t think this app goes far enough, maybe car makers will put blockers in the newer models and down the road people will have no choice .

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