Reindeer Cookie Recipe Fun for Kids

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My husband has recently become Instagram obsessed. A bit ironic considering he used to make fun of my son and I every chance he had when we posted to it. He now, in one month’s time, has more followers than I do. Seriously?!

Apparently as he was looking at pictures in his feed one day he ran across some cute reindeer cookies. So, as I was catching up on some work Sunday he decided to make the cookies (as a surprise for me) with our girls. Yeah, yeah… he can be a pretty cool husband to have around sometimes. *wink*

But just look how incredibly easy these reindeer cookies can be… and how fun they are for the kids to both make and eat!

Reindeer Cookie

Reindeer Cookie Recipe


  • snickerdoodle cookie dough (store-bought or homemade)
  • chocolate covered pretzels (again can be store-bought or handmade based on your preference)
  • M&M’s
  • chocolate chips Reindeer Cookie Recipe


  1. Bake cookies per packaging instructions or homemade recipe.
  2. Let cookies cool to comfortable temperature and then insert pretzels, M&M’s, and chocolate chips. Reindeer Cookie Recipe
  3. Let cookies finish cooling and then serve.

See? All done! Told you they were super easy! And, of course, there are plenty of variations you can choose in the recipe. Use a different type of cookie. Raisins instead of chocolate chips. Icing instead of candy. Yogurt … or white chocolate… covered pretzels could represent reindeer out in the snow. It’s your cookie. Make the cookies healthier or go sugar crazy. Let the kids get wildly into their baking fun. The holidays should be about enjoying the family time and making memories.

What holiday memories are you creating this year?

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  1. says

    Staci, these look great, but they look like snickerdoodles and not sugar cookies….just based on the cinnamonny texture on the outside. Can you use any cookie…I would imagine so. Lol.

    I will probably be featuring this post/recipe in my kid friendly cookie recipes segment on Monday. Feel free to drop by!
    Jesica H recently posted..Fill the Stockings and Get Lips Mistletoe-Ready with ChapStick Seasonal Flavors!My Profile

    • says

      You are so totally right! I was thinking sugar cookie the whole time because that is what he originally was going to use. Ugh! THANK YOU for pointing it out. And yes, of course any type of cookie would work… but now I feel dumb for typing in the wrong kind. Editing now. *facepalm* :)

  2. Austin Baroudi says

    This looks like such a great and fun recipe for my daughter and I to make! Thanks for the post!

  3. Juan Sanchez says

    These look amazing! I know it isn’t Christmas, but I’m going to have make some… like ASAP!