Red White and Blue Felt Wreath Craft

Summer months mean red, white, and blue holidays are coming. Whether it’s kicking off the summer with Memorial Day, celebrating the 4th of July in the middle, or saying good-bye with Labor Day. Summer days are made for patriotic ideals. Red. White. And Blue.

Red White Blue Felt Wreath

Red White and Blue

Therefore, the girls and I were looking at some of the craft supplies we have and trying to come up with ideas. We have paper plates and pieces of felt left from our recent road trip activity bag crafts, and you know how adamant I am about using what we have first. Therefore, decided to make a wreath to hang on the door for the summer that celebrates the upcoming holidays. Considering the red white and blue theme will be a constant over the next few months,it seemed like a practical idea as well.

Another must for me… it has to be super simple… and this really is!

Red White Blue Supplies

Felt Wreath Craft


  • Paper Plate (white or colored, your choice)
  • Felt (red, white and blue)
  • Scissors

Red White Blue Strips


  1. Cut around the inner edge of the paper plate to leave just the outside circle. 
  2. Cut the felt into ¼” strips.
  3. Alternate colors as you tie felt pieces around the plate rim.
  4. Done!

See?! See how simple that was? And now you have a beautiful Red White and Blue Felt Wreath to display on your door for all to see! Well done!

What is your favorite summer holiday?

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