Mexican Pizza

When I think about the traditional Mexican meals I enjoy, I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t include a side of refried beans. In fact. my dad insists on having beans with every meal. Refried beans are a staple for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Mexican dishes. Now, Herdez® Instant Refried Beans make it even easier to prepare your family’s......

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If there is one thing I have taught my children to have, it’s independence. From the youngest to the oldest, they truly enjoy being able to do things on their own. Now, do they still like mom and dad to DO for them? Of course, but we all know that “when you want something done right, you do it......

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Chipotle Guacamole

You know that meme that circulates every now and then involving guacamole? The one where, “Yes, I know it’s extra. I still want it.” That one? That’s me. I always want the extra side of guacamole. Recently, I discovered a new “flavor” of guacamole using Knorr® Caldo de Tomate Bouillon. I didn’t realize you could improve on an already incredible......

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Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cupcakes

Y’all, it’s HOT! The dog days of summer in Texas means triple-digit temperatures and we find creative ways to stay cool and refreshed. Fortunately, Vive Mejor ice cream brands not only keep the kids happy, but keep us all cool from the inside out. Finding new ways to enjoy our favorite ice cream simply adds to the fun of eating......

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8 delicious uses for avocado
June 14, 2016

Eight Uses for Avocado

When it comes to avocado, do you think guacamole? Well, there are more ways to enjoy avocado than just in Mexican dishes. And if you aren’t eating more avocado, then you really should start. Eight Uses for Avocado This vegetable is such a great source of those non-saturated fats that are good for you, and it’s also high in......

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