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quiet time with Netflix
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

Does your child nap? Out of my youngest three, I have one that is 7… and still naps almost daily. The other two? They rarely ever nap. My 9 year old has never been a napper and her 3 year old sister has followed in her footsteps. But, little Monkey really NEEDS to nap. The only solution we have found, other that taking for her a drive, is asking her to take a quiet time.

quiet time with Netflix

Quiet Time with Netflix

We homeschool the kids, but take the summers off. That means that whereas the rest of our year may be a bit more scheduled, summer is pretty relaxed. Finding ways to keep the girls entertained is a challenge some days. Whether or not Monkey gets her rest determines our afternoons plans. She can get pretty cranky. Therefore, we have her take a quiet time with Netflix. If we find a movie that she is interested in watching, she will actually sit and watch the whole movie. Not bad for a toddler.

The time she spends watching a movie or a few of her favorite cartoons lets Princess get her nap in. Colby and I get to get some work done. And, most importantly, she gets up afterward and is in a much better mood. Her little body does well with just resting for a bit and the rest of us get a little time to relax as well.

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Not to mention, Netflix allows us to enjoy a fun family movie night each week as well. Colby and I work several hours and make sure that do our best to balance our work and family time. The girls put together movie nights with popcorn, drinks… and even live entertainment every once in a while. Netflix.com/Families features several new categories including Family Movie Night, Are We There Yet and TV for Curious Kids. And, the page is available for both members and non-members so anyone can use it.


The Family Favorites and Classics to Share with Your Kids are the categories the girls pick from most often. They adore Scooby Doo and Woody Woodpecker! How fun that they enjoy the cartoons that Colby and I grew up on. Plus, we can literally watch from anywhere. We can use our Netflix account from the iPhone, iPad, Samsung phone and tablet, Roku, Xbox, computer, or smart TV. Seriously… anywhere! Being able to keep Monkey calm on long summer road trips has been a breeze with Netflix on the road!

family favorites

Netflix allows the kids to watch great new releases, helps keep the peace with a little quiet time for Monkey, and allows the kids to be entertained on a budget. Think about it: Parents spend nearly double on summer entertainment than they do during the holidays. A one-year Netflix subscription costs less than taking a family of five on two trips to the movie theater – and that does not include popcorn. Netflix delivers big entertainment without breaking the bank ($7.99/month). Perfect for our family!

Do you use Netflix for family movie night? What is your favorite category to watch?

Netflix.com/Families is a new destination designed to meet your family’s summertime entertainment needs. On Netflix.com/Families, parents can find lists of movies and TV shows for all kinds of special summer moments.

Visit www.Netflix.com/Families for more information on the best ways to stream as well as videos from families using Netflix.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix.

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  1. We don’t use it for Little Miss yet, but Cody & I sure enjoy watching movie on Netflix. And we are total suckers for animated movies so we might as well be kids. We’ve watched two this month alone!
    Jana recently posted..What is Salt Therapy? – Salt Escape in PlanoMy Profile

  2. we use netflx a lot. for date nights in, movie nights, and sometimes with little O when I need him to sit still for something. 🙂
    martha recently posted..Summer Styling {Black Maxi Dress}My Profile

  3. I used to use Netflix a lot but have not been able to watch it a lot lately.

  4. We use Redbox for movies. I miss naptime! 🙂
    Kate recently posted..Missing.My Profile

  5. i love netflix… i enjoy watching foreign films on it..i also love watching some of my favorite shows on it:)

  6. We just signed up for Netflix and we’ve been so pleased with the wide variety of selections for children!

  7. We love having NETFLIX for our family movie nights. It makes it so much easier! Why?
    Jenna Herman recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  8. We have had Netflix on our computers for a couple of years now and my kids love having family friendly movies readily available.
    Crystal & Co recently posted..15 Water Play Activities for KidsMy Profile

  9. With summer here, I’ve been wanting to keep busy with my family but it’s SO hot out. Plus we have 4 month old twins that I’m nursing so it’s hard to stay away from the house for too long. My solution to make sure that we are still having fun at home as a family? Family movie nights with Netflix!
    Minerva V. Pollard recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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