Professional Airbrush System from Belletto Studio

Professional Airbrush System

When I asked my teenage daughter if she wanted to review a Professional Airbrush System she was thrilled. She and I walked through the questions about skin tone and hair color to make sure we received the correct shades. Having seen the machines only on television, we were interested in learning more about how they work. Fortunately, when the airbrush system arrived it came with an instructional DVD for us to watch and learn from before using. In fact, the following is a complete list of what all is included in the kit.

Professional Airbrush SystemProfessional Airbrush System Kit

  • Belletto StudioTM Airbrush Wand {stainless steel, single action, easy to use}
  • Compact Compressor
  • Wand holder {attaches comfortably to the compressor}
  • Durable rubber connector hose, 5 ft long
  • One power cord
  • One bottle of the Airbrush System cleaning solution
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instructional DVD
  • 4 foundations {predetermined SKUs per skin tone category}
  • 2 blushes {predetermined SKUs per skin tone category}
  • Primer
  • Morning Mist
  • Choice of one eye shadow

After a few applications using water only, my daughter was ready to try it on her younger sister in order to better get a feel for how the wand works. As is the craziness of my home, she put together a short video of how it to use the system. Note: Again, please excuse the background noise and they wanted to make sure the make-up showed up well for the camera… hence the darker, more accentuated colors. 

It became easier as she continued to practice. Learning exactly how much of each component to add to the Airbrush Wand and how much to spray is key. The wand needs to stay a proper distance from the face in order to ensure the best coverage and results. As you can see in the video, the foundation was simple to apply and the blush as well. The eye shadow requires a bit more trial and error to fully grasp when you are a complete newbie to the type of application the machine utilizes.  But, the benefits of airbrush makeup can be worth the learning curve. The fact that it lasts longer and introduces less bacteria, when used properly, were my daughter’s favorite features.

Overall she is still improving. This video was after only a day or two of trying the machine but she still wanted to use it to at least show how to use the wand. Below are some pictures of her both before and after using the Airbrush System on herself.

Airbrush System

Airbrush System

Have you ever tried a Professional Airbrush System? Do you think you would prefer airbrush or the typical “old fashioned” way of putting makeup on?

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