My Top 5 Productivity Apps for Droid DNA #VZWA

Being able to stay productive while away from my computer is just as important as when I am home. Social Media never really shuts down, therefore neither do I. Well, except for a few hours each evening and on weekends. I have to spend time with the kids. But, having Android based productivity apps for my Droid DNA, to keep me connected even while I am away, is the perfect solution.

Productivity Apps

Top 5 Productivity Apps

Other than the basic Social Media apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and others … I needed productivity apps to keep me focused and working. Therefore, I found several that were quite helpful and worked seamlessly into my routine.

  1. Buffer – Being able to share posts, tweets, and even Facebook status updates all day is necessary to continuously promote and drive traffic to my site. With Buffer, I can add updates to my queue that will then go out at predetermined times each day. Plus, the app also lets me view Twitter analytics and Facebook insights. This allows me to better determine what time of day I should push posts and updates out. Not to mention, I use Buffer for one of my contract jobs so this is a necessity!
  2. Evernote – I am a list-maker and note-taker. I cannot go without one or the other. Evernote is a dream come true. I can easily start a new note each time I am given important information I will need later, have a blog idea pop in my head that I must get on “paper”, or need to make a list before a trip. Anything really. Each note or list can then easily sync to my computer so I can access it as needed. The organization and incredible features of Evernote make it an app I could not live without most days.
  3. Dropbox – Oh my! Speaking of, how did I ever live without Dropbox? Being able to sync the pictures on my phone directly with my computer is awesome. Not to mention, I can save docs or pictures in my Dropbox that I can pull up later on my phone. And if I need to share a file or picture with a friend, a quick message is all I need to share without being worried about the size of the file. It just goes right on over.
  4. Timesheet – Because I do a few consulting and social media jobs, I need to be able to track my time. Working on the go means logging hours is a must. Timesheet allows me to manage each project, and then download the data to Excel when I am ready to invoice. Plus, it also works perfectly well with Dropbox. Score!
  5. Astrid – Remember the lists I told you I love making? Astrid Tasks & To-do List helps me manage them with a bit more proficiency. And, just like the others, Astrid can sync with a variety of devices to make sure I never forget a deadline or task. I can even delegate tasks to others and Astrid will remind them so I don’t have to. And when the delegated task is marked off the list I can immediately know and stop stressing over it. Awesome!

Again, I use several apps everyday and even more when I am mobile. In fact, my Mobile Hotspot will keep me productive as we head out to the Dad 2.0 Summit this week… and I am sure the NFL Mobile feature on my phone will come into play as well. After all, there is a big game coming on Sunday.

What features keep your productive on the go? I would love to hear ways you make work easier and leave room for more fun!

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