Oxfam America Supports World Food Day #WFD2012

World Food Day

Oxfam America

Oxfam America

Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization. They create lasting solutions to end poverty, hunger, and injustice worldwide. Together with individuals and local groups in over 90 countries, Oxfam works to save lives, help people overcome poverty, and fight for social justice. They are one of the 17 affiliates in the international confederation called Oxfam.

Our planet produces enough food for everyone, yet nearly one billion of us (1 in every 7 people) still go to bed hungry.

World Food Day

On October 16, 2012, Oxfam America is teaming up with allies around the world with one compelling idea: host a World Food Day dinner. This dinner will help families and friends engage in conversations about where food comes from, who cultivates it, and how you can take action to make our food system more sustainable.

About a third of the food produced for our plates ends up lost or wasted between farm and fork.

Oxfam is spreading the word about it GROW Method in order to build a better system. This system will sustainably feed a growing population and empower lower income people to earn a living, feed their families, and thrive in today’s world. There are 5 basic principles for feeding the planet.

World Food Day

The GROW Method:

  1. Reduce food waste so that we are making the most of precious resources used for making food.
  2. Buy products and brands that ensure small-scale food producers in developing countries get a fair deal.
  3. Cook smart to cut down on both waster water and energy.
  4. Buy food that is in season to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Eat less meat and dairy to reduce both the greenhouse gas emissions and water use.

How Can You Help?

Sign up to host a World Food Day dinner discussion. You can share the GROW Methods and other great ideas and resources made available through Oxfam America. Make sure to share your GROW method recipes on Pinterest and find others to try. Plus, make sure to snag pictures and upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #WFD2012 and then check out how others all over the world are celebrating!

One pound of ground beef for your family uses more than 28,000 cups of water to produce—that’s enough to fill 20 bathtubs to the brim, and then some!

Learn more about Oxfam America by liking them on Facebook and following along on Twitter.

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    Oxfam America Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization. They create lasting…

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