17 Oscar Nominations for Disney Films in 2012


I have to tell you, going on a Disney trip this past year was one of the biggest highlights of 2012 for me. No doubt. And, as we have been nearing this morning’s Oscar Nominations I have been patiently… well… here waiting for them. And for the record, this is the first time I think I have ever cared. Why? Because I am personally invested in several of the nominations. I am beyond thrilled to see them all do so well! So, let’s see which film is nominated for what shall we?!

Oscar Nominations for Disney Films

Disney Oscar Nominations


I remember at the end of our #DisneyMoviesEvent trip when the most amazing PR rep ever asked us what our favorite film from the trip was. Without hesitation I declared, “Lincoln.” I felt like everyone probably thought I was crazy because we had spent an entire day touring and discussing Wreck It Ralph. Interviewed the child actors, walked the White Carpet at the premiere of, and attended an after-cast party for Frankenweenie. We literally did not talk about Lincoln. We sat and watched the film under tight security and were embargoed for months. No other press had seen the movie yet and we were sworn to secrecy. But, when it all was said and done… Lincoln had left its mark. This movie pulled at my emotions like no other touched my inner most core. Perhaps that is why I wrote an almost 1,200 word review of Lincoln. I LOVED it!

Apparently I was not alone. Lincoln walked away with 12 Oscar Nominations! Wow!

  • Best Picture 
  • Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role – Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role – Sally Field
  • Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role – Tommy Lee Jones
  • Directing – Steven Spielberg
  • Adapted Screenplay – Tony Kushner
  • Music (Original Score) – John Williams
  • Cinematography – Janusz Kaminski
  • Costume Design – Joanna Johnston
  • Film Editing – Michael Kahn
  • Production Design – Rick Carter, Jim Erickson
  • Sound Mixing – Andy Nelson, Gary Rydstrom and Ronald Judkins


Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph and the whole gang quickly won over my entire family when we attended opening weekend. My girls both dressed up as Sugar Rush racers for Halloween (1 Vanellope and 1 Taffyta). There were several Wreck It Ralph toys opened Christmas morning. “I’m going to wreck it!” has become a favorite catch phrase. If I had to make my choice for Best Animated Feature Film I would choose this one. Oh, and of course there is that emotional bond again. Meeting the crew behind this one and stepping into the studio as Vanellope as a highlight of my Disney press junket trip… even as timid as I was recording it!

  • Animated Feature Film 

Vanellope von Schweetz


I remember seeing Paperman early on in August while in New York City for BlogHer. I was mesmerized by the emotion that a 7 minute, black and white, silent short could have over an audience. Everyone was captivated and with very good reason. We watched it again in LA and were able to speak with the producer. So, once again, my personal ties makes this a quick favorite. Honestly though, I LOVED it before the Disney trip and would still pick it without the personal bond. It’s amazing!

  • Animated Short Film 



Fraknenweenie was the highlighted feature on our Disney junket. We got to walk the White Carpet just behind Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Martin Landau and Tim Burton. We watched the movie in the El Capitan Theater with the entire cast. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was even there! I mean, craziness! Beforehand we interviewed three of the child stars (Charlie Tahan, Robert Capron, and Atticus Shaffer). We even attended a star-studded after-party with the cast and crew. It was amazing! No way will Frankenweenie not go down as one of the best films ever!

  • Animated Feature Film



Oh, when my son and I attended the screener for Brave there were men in kilts and bagpipes everywhere! It was so much fun. I love Brave because of the relationship between Merida and her mom. The graphics were incredible and it is easily in my top 5 for the year. My girls received the DVD for Christmas and it has been on repeat ever since.

  • Animated Feature Film


Marvel’s The Avengers

Ok, so I may not be the biggest superhero fan but the rest of my family is. In fact, if you search the blog you will find that my oldest daughter’s “pen name” for the site is “Pepper” whereas her boyfriend is “Tony Stark.” Ummm… hello? Iron Man. That was also the movie where they had their first date… with my husband and son. Anyways… we have watched the movie. Have it on DVD. Looking for Marvel’s the Avengers to do well in its nominated category as well.

  • Visual Effects – Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams and Dan Sudick


There you have it! The 17 Oscar Nominations for Disney Films in 2012!

What are your picks? Do you agree with these or think there should have been other Disney films on the list?

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  1. First of all, I had no idea that “Lincoln” was a Disney studios film. Although I haven’t seen it yet, it is on my “want to see it list,” and I will be shocked if it doesn’t win a boatful of Oscars. I LOVE Steven Speilberg movies. He is the best!

    I agree that “Brave” should be included with the “Best Animated” category. I’m with you: Wonderful mother-daughter movie. I love it! I’m definitely rooting for it to win.

    OK, Avengers: LOVE IT! I’m a huge fan of Marvel, and this one is THE BEST so far!

    The rest I haven’t seen, and honestly speaking, as big a Disney fan as I am, I’m really not interested.

    So, that’s my two-cents, from one Disney buff to anther 😉 I LOVE this feature on your blog, by the way!!!!!!
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  3. I haven’t seen any of these movies, but would love to see Brave and Lincoln

  4. Vanessa Aguirre Says: January 13, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    I love all Disney movies because most of them I can watch with the kids.

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