Organize Your Car Trunk with Cargo-Logic

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Organize Your Car Trunk

Do you feel the need to organize your car trunk and make it easier to find things? With our large family, we always have things left in the truck: jackets, blankets, a flashlight, toys or even a pillow or two for a long ride. Not to mention, when we load up the back of our Chevy Tahoe with a bunch of groceries, it is almost without fail that everything shifts and falls all over the place around corners. Therefore, once you open the hatch everything pours out. Sometimes it would be nice if I could simply maximize the small space in the back of my truck.

Organize Your Car Trunk


Since our truck has a large open space behind the back seats, rather than an enclosed cargo area, it makes it harder to keep things contained. That is where a cargo mat from Cargo-Logic comes in. Cargo-Logic manufactures and distributes aftermarket accessories primarily for trucks, SUVs, vans and passenger cars. The Lund Cargo-Logic cargo mat we received even comes with Loks to keep the totes secured  and organized. The mat itself is a carpet-like fiber that can easily be cleaned and its nibbed back helps to prevent slipping. The Loks are an L-shaped barrier with a Velcro bottom to hold them in place on the mat or carpet. With the Loks in place, you can easily position the provided totes.


The quality of the plastic reinforced Loks, paired with the sturdy totes, should hold for a while with normal wear and tear. I am sure we will stock them with plenty of groceries and give them a good run. Plus, I am sure we could use one tote as a permanent toy box in the back of the truck knowing my kids. Good thing they are built to last!

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