Cute and Easy Mouse is a Kid’s DIY Valentine’s Day Card

If you have seen any of my other crafts you may notice that I am not a crafter. But, my girls love it. Therefore, I must put on my “DIY crafting mama” hat every once in a while and give it a try. With Valentines Day coming up the girls wanted to hand-make a few special cards for the best friends. Challenge accepted. We jumped online to find our inspiration. Knowing Princess wanted to create an animal out of a heart we went perusing the internet to get ideas. We settled on a mouse. Yep. A mouse.

Kid's DIY Valentine's Day Card

DIY Valentines

We decided to adapt the mouse we found by allowing the card to stay open so that we could write a message inside. We also did not have a lot to work with in terms of craft supplies, so we went with what we had. What came out was this super cute and easy mouse card.

mouse Valentine's card


  • pink construction paper
  • heart sticker
  • yarn
  • tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • markers


  1. Fold construction paper in half. Along the fold draw half of a heart shape about 4 inches long. mouse card
  2. With paper still folded, cut out the heart shape. mouse card
  3. Open the heart and write a message inside. (We decided on, “You’re the big cheese!”big cheese
  4. Fold heart back together and color the nose. Position a dot for the eye.
  5. Peel back off heart sticker (or cut a glue a heart shape) and apply to head for ear.
  6. Cut a piece of yarn about 6-7″ long and tape it inside the heart. All done!

Cute and Easy Mouse

You should now have a simple kid’s DIY Valentine’s Day card. Once we figured out how to do the first one it took about 7 minutes to do the next ones. The longest part of the process was when Princess would write her message inside the cards.

And the best part was she adored seeing her handiwork come together. It did not have to be anything complex… just something we worked on together.

Did you make your own Valentines Day card with your child?

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