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Four years ago when I jumped online and started my blog I simply wanted a place to share some thoughts. Over the years I have gone back and forth on what direction to go with it, and recently decided to jump in with both feet and go for it. With 7 people living in the house with one {meager} income to support us all I need to try and find someway to contribute {yes, I have said this time and time again}. I have had others ask how I am bringing in the bit of cash I am so I decided to work through the options for those who may not be familiar or who are looking for more.

  1. Affiliate Programs – You will notice that as you read through my posts you will find links that direct you to Amazon. Amazon.com is {a} my favorite online shopping source because of the Amazon Mom program which allows me to have free 2-day shipping as well as cool subscription discounts on diapers and wipes and things of that nature. Not to mention, {b} their Associate program is awesome to work with {as long as you are in a state they are currently continuing to work with}. Mixbook is awesome as well {especially since they hosted one of my first giveaways} and their products are truly amazing {watch for another Mixbook giveaway soon}.  Overall, my top money maker, is Zazzle. I like to design shirts and other products on there, and my “Bridal Party” line has done pretty well over the past 3 years. Other programs I use are intertwined into some of the other categories below.
  2. Referral Programs – Various companies use referrals as their biggest marketing tool. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the news about something, and just as I am doing now, people tend to share what works for them with others. Through these programs I am able to grab a referral fee for each new member I send their way. The main ones I prefer {with referral links attached} are:  SwagBucks {search and earn for prizes… this literally paid for Christmas last year}, SocialSpark {write sponsored posts for decent cash}, Groupon {my favorite daily discount deal site}, HootSuite {favorite Social Media platform}. LivingMyMoment’s State Mom Influencer is a program I was just accepted into this past week so I am curious to see how it pans out too. These are just some of the main ones and are in no way all of them. You can find more affiliate and referral programs on my “Fave Resources” page as well in the sidebar under “member of”. {Please note that most of the sites I use have either a 30-day payout period or a certain required dollar amount prior to cashing out}.
  3. Monthly Sponsorships/Ads – Well, I am sure we all know what ads are. We are bombarded by them everywhere we look. I just added an “Ad Rates” page to the blog this past week so I have yet to see any revenue from it, but I do hope it can generate some in the future as my traffic increases.
  4. Selling Your Own Product – Again, this is in the works. As I mentioned in the Zazzle section, I like to design shirts and such and have tossed around the idea of selling low cost, personalized blog banners and graphic sets {or other things of that nature}. If nothing else it would at least give me something else to do since I clearly do not have enough going on! 🙂 Plus, offering Social Media Management {on my ad rates page above} or other types of writing opportunities could fall into this area as well.
  5. Donations – Ok, the debate goes on with whether or not bloggers should set up donation buttons, and I do not see it as much as I used to, but it is a viable option. Although I do not have a donation button hovering in my sidebar {right now}, I do have one on my “looking for a sponsor” page. So, I can not say I am totally against it. I have seen it work for others?!

Given these points, please realize it is not by any notion a complete list. People are creative and can find all sorts of ways to generate revenue on their blogs. I personally do not use Adsense {although I have before moving to WordPress}, but am working to set up a video ad system soon. It depends on you and what you prefer. That being said, what do you use to monetize your blog or website? Please share because I am always looking for new ideas. I have determined that by just making $30/day I could generate a $10,000/year income. That would be just about right to keep us from living paycheck to paycheck on our shoestring budget. Have you worked the numbers? I am looking forward to continuing to both learn and earn.

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  2. $30 a day is a great goal. I would love to make even half that amount! 🙂 Stopping by to say hello from the Thankful for Friends blog hop. Looking forward to following another (semi) local blog!

  3. I’m stopping by from So Followed Saturday and am following on GFC, Facebook, and Twitter. I hope you’ll drop by my blog and follow back.

  4. New here! Love the blog, thanks for the tips on improving what my blog can do. Excited to implement some of them. Following you. 🙂 Love you to see you stop by my blog- http://confessionsofaslackermom.blogspot.com

  5. Thanks for the tips and ideas. I’m definitely looking to bring money in to our paycheck to paycheck home. I’m kinda new to the blog world but am searching around and trying to figure out how best to make my penchant for writing work FOR me. 🙂
    Thanks again!

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