Blogging 101 – 5 Tips for Lowering Your Alexa Score

Lowering Your Alexa Score

My husband’s blog has been doing quite well in the past month since he started it. Well, since I started it. I bought a domain, designed it, and told him, “Here. Blog.” Thus, he now has his own blog over at Days of a Domestic Dad. In fact, he has done so well already that he is headed to the Dad 2.0 Summit on a sponsorship and we are supposed to have a news crew coming to the house to film him soon. OMGoodness!

But, others have noticed how well his numbers have been already and have asked about it. One question was how did we get his Alexa score under 700,000 in less than 30 days. Not an easy feat I tell you! But, it is, at the time of my writing this post, at 676,511 (44,817 US). Not a bad start if I do say so myself. So, how did we get his score that low so fast? Let me just tell you what I do, and, therefore, have taught him to do as well.

Lowering Your Alexa Score

5 Tips for Lowering Your Alexa Score

  1. Alexa Toolbar. If you are working on lowering your Alexa score, you most definitely need the Alexa toolbar installed. It’s easy to set up and takes just a few steps. You will also want to claim your site as well.
  2. Regular posts. Alexa likes to see regular content published on a regular schedule. I push my posts out everyday at 7am, 11am, 2pm, etc. They are purposefully scheduled in order to be consistent. And, posting at least 3-4 times a week is important.
  3. Links in. Sites linking in not only helps your Alexa but your PageRank as well. Something as simple as commenting on other blogs/sites helps bring those links in. It also helps if they are on sites with a better Alexa/higher PR than your own. But make them relevant and, if possible, in your niche.
  4. Traffic. Plain and simple right? Well, easy to understand but not always easy to achieve. You want to find a way to drive traffic to your site. Again, it depends on what works for your site. Pinterest? Stumbleupon? etc. Also, pageviews are important. If you get a reader on your site you want to keep them there. That is why you typically see excerpts of posts on blogs (such as my homepage and hubby’s). The reader has to purposefully click through to another page to read more. And at the bottom of each post we have a related post widget. That means once your readers are finished reading the post they began with they can easily find more posts just like that one. Score! More pageviews!
  5. Proper SEO and quality content. Organic traffic is the best type of traffic to get. This is why I prefer WordPress. It is the easiest way to SEO that I have found. My husband has already been seeing Google and Yahoo searches coming in. In fact, I am quite pleased with several of his numbers over the past 30 days.

Ok, there are 5 tips I could think of for now. I am sure there may be more. But honestly, these tips work for whether you are lowering your Alexa score or trying to raise your pagerank. And, if you really think about it, each tip (other than perhaps #1) is simply making your blog a better place. Either through the reader’s experience or your own. I am always trying to better myself as a blogger and each of these tips were learned somewhere along the way. Now I am simply passing them along to you. Hope they are helpful! I know they were helpful to my friend Jesse over at eLectio Publishing as he continues to work on his Alexa score.

Do you have another tip to share? Do you have another Blogging 101 topic I could try to cover?

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  1. Those are excellent tips! I had already gotten the toolbar. I need to work on the traffic and the regular posts a bit more though.
    Elle recently posted..Looking For Some Pretty Trash Bags?My Profile

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  3. I never knew about the posting on a regular schedule. I’m going to try that and see how it works. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.
    Tiffany Cruz recently posted..Southern Sweet TeaMy Profile

  4. Great advice, thanks for sharing and good luck with the TV crew.

  5. Thank you for posting this! I forgot to re install the alexa bar when I switched over to using google chrome, and now that I have it again I’m remembering how terrible my alexa rating is haha!

  6. Great tips! It’s not easy for sure to have your Alexa rankings under 500,000 but you’re right following the above mentioned steps it’s possible.

    Thanks for making it easy to understand. Fresh content is absolutely necessary.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to really work on getting my Alexa number down! It’s not going to just happen.. .
    tazim recently posted..Organizing Posters and Prints Before & After BedroomMy Profile

  8. Spaced out scheduling is something I have to do. I’m always trying to churn out the posts I need up for the day one after the other. These are definitely great tips!
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  9. Great tips! My Alexa got really bad when they changed the toolbar, but has slowly gone back down since then.

  10. Thanks for these great tips! Especially scheduling! I NEED to get better about that!
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  11. Your hubby rocks. That is all. 😛

  12. Love this post, Staci!

    Thanks for the tips. I can’t believe I had never gone in and claimed my site. It’s done now! 🙂
    Jamie recently posted..Girlfriends’ Afternoon Tasting with Starbucks and Walmart #DeliciousPairings #CbiasMy Profile

  13. Great tips, always good to know on how to try and improve things!!! Appreciate it!
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  14. I am really enjoying these posts as I have just (yesterday) started my blog. I do not really understand Alexa. Do you have any posts re: what it is/does? Also, THANK YOU for making these printer friendly! Kind regards ~ Robin
    Robin Wilson recently posted..Lupus: What the Heck Is It?My Profile

  15. Great post! I was just able to verify my site on Alexa. Thanks for this info
    keitha (The Bajan Texan) recently posted..Life with The TwincessesMy Profile

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