My 5 Favorite Lifestyle Apps for Droid DNA #VZWA

Zoës Kitchen

Lifestyle apps are designed to make our lives easier or more fun. They may have no other use than just that… but there are a handful I use quite often on my Droid DNA.

Lifestyle Apps

My 5 Favorite Lifestyle Apps

As a blogger, I obviously rely heavily on the basic Social Media apps: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. But, I also find that simple, everyday tasks can be easily handled through the use of an app. And it often makes the experience more rewarding and entertaining for me. Let’s take a look.

  1. Starbucks –  I love drinking coffee. And when I am given a Starbucks card, the first thing I do is load it onto my phone for safe keeping. I do not always have my card ready wen I decide to stop for a cup of coffee, but I do have my phone with me. I can easily load my card, check my balance, locate nearby locations while traveling, and track my Stars as part of the My Starbucks Rewards program. I am working my way towards free coffee all the time! Starbucks
  2. Domino’s – Along those same lines, I use the Domino’s Pizza app about once a month. When we all decide we do not want to eat the food left in the pantry at the end of the month… or my husband and I go out on a date night. Once we leave the house, I can then use the Domino’s app to order pizza for the kids at home. Plus, we can track the pizza and know when it goes in the oven, comes out cutting, and leaves the store to head to our home. The kids love this part!
  3. Police Scanner and Radio – I know. It may sound strange… but I like to listen to the Police Scanner sometimes. We mainly only turn it on when we hear all sorts of sirens going off around town. Or, it is most often used when we hear sirens… and our teens are not home. I am such the worrier when they are out past dark. I know I shouldn’t t be but listening to the Police Scanner, but at least it gives me an idea of whether or not I actually should be worried or not.
  4. c•Mobile Craigslist – Every great once in a while I need to find something and Craigslist is where I like to start. I can easily look it up on my phone and email it to myself or my husband for viewing later on the computer, if needed. Or, I can immediately send the seller an email so I don’t miss out. Not to mention, when I am ready to sell something, I can upload a picture and put together my post without issues. Now I can make money too!
  5. Zoës Kitchen – Yes, not only is Zoës Kitchen one of my favorite places to eat… but they recently came out with their own app! Their new mobile app can find the closest Zoës location, help you set personal goals, learn more about their menu and even earn points towards a free treat each time you visit a Zoës restaurant. Yum! I personally like the “Daily Dose of Inspiration” tab. Zoës Kitchen

And these are simply my 5 favorites. I love the ability to stay mobile and productive… as well as have fun… with my Droid DNA. These apps and others like it help me do that.

What lifestyle apps do you use? How do they help you get things done?

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  1. I was just thinking today that I really need some app education … I’m checking out the police scanner app!
    Randi – Dukes and Duchesses recently posted..25 Creative Activities for KidsMy Profile

  2. I couldn’t do the police scanner app. I would worry constantly about everything, feeling like every incident was probably someone I knew. My mom loves it, though, too.

    The Domino’s is a great app for date night when your kids are with a sitter. LOVE that! I’ve watched the whole prepping, baking, delivering, etc. process on the computer but didn’t know they had an app.

    And Craigslist app? Yes, of COURSE that one is on my phone. Listed 3 items using it yesterday! 🙂
    Jamie recently posted..My Top 6 Favorite Baby ItemsMy Profile

  3. I had no idea you could listen to the police scanner. That would be fun!
    Jessica recently posted..Tips for Flying Next to a Baby: A Guest Post from Giggles, Glitz, and GlamMy Profile

  4. Ditto on the police scanner…I guess there really is an app for everything! I also love the Starbucks app. I just discovered the Stumble Upon app, which is my current fave. Apps are great. 🙂
    Gena recently posted..Guacamole Jalapeño Jack Turkey BurgerMy Profile

  5. I love the Starbucks app myself. I have never tried the Craigslist app but I should. I do have the ebay app and I love it. I also like this app called Smart Receipts to keep track of all my business expenses.
    Heather Buen – Dallas Single Mom recently posted..Austin’s Lakeway Resort and Spa has last minute Spring Break vacation optionsMy Profile

  6. Nice! I love app roundups, these look great.
    Crissy Page recently posted..5 Fun Iron Man-icures! #IronMan3My Profile

  7. The police scanner one looks like one I’d like too LOL!
    Stacie recently posted..Book Review & Giveaway | Six Sisters’ Stuff (US & Can)My Profile

  8. Very cool. I’ve checked out the police scanner app on my phone before 🙂
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Oz The Great And PowerfulMy Profile

  9. Sarah L Says: March 9, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    I’d love to have a phone/tablet that I could use apps on. I have a phone that makes/receives calls, period.

  10. I just got a Driod phone and will check out these apps. Thank you!

  11. I had no idea that a police scanner app even existed. Growing up we had a scanner that sat in our kitchen. We knew what was happening, at all times. Didn’t help though when I was younger and got into trouble with the law, lol. My mom knew before I could call her. Thanks for sharing these great and very useful apps.
    Tiffany C. recently posted..Day 12: Something I Miss – 31 Day Blog ChallengeMy Profile

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