A Letter to Mom from Famous Footwear #momknowsbest

Do what makes you happy

Have you ever sat down and poured your heart out in a letter to mom? With Mother’s Day tomorrow, Famous Footwear put together this inspiring video to share with moms everywhere.

A Letter to Mom

How would your letter to mom start? Would you think for taking care of you? For pushing you when you needed that extra nudge? For giving you just the right piece of advice at just the right time? I know that one thing my mom always said resonates with me still today:

Do what makes you happy

Yep. “Do what makes you happy.” And it’s not in the satirical, “whatever” tone. She actually meant it. She wanted me to be happy and wanted to make choices based on that.

Even in my adult life she has given me this same piece of advice. In tough matters of the heart she was there holding me and telling me to make the happy choice. Sometimes it was the less traveled path, but it made me who I am today. And, most of all, I try to tell my kids the same thing.

I want them to know that I genuinely want them to be happy in life. I want to watch them succeed… and do so according to their own choices. And better yet, to be happy in those choices. To do what makes them happy.

It’s so simple and yet so very true. How often do we make heart choices based on how it will affect others? Or we make common sense decisions and are miserable after doing so. I know we all have to make our own mistakes… and my mom allowed me to do that as well. And, after all was said and done, I would be running back to her asking for advice. And she would talk me through the situation and end with:

Do what makes you happy.

What was the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you?

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  1. This probably isn’t what you are expecting, but I have to say – I am jealous of women who have their mothers and have positive relationships with their mothers. I dislike Mother’s Day and the pictures of everyone’s moms and the positive words that are shared. I have always had a strained relationship with my mom and I would have thought that living 1700 miles away, becoming an adult and mother myself that we would be able to patch some of that up, but it appears to have only made things worse. So unfortunately, my letter wouldn’t be happy, but it would probably make me happy in the fact that I could release some of my feelings!
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  2. I am sorry Leila that you did not have a great relationship with your mom. My Mother was an amazing woman who taught me that your family should be put first. She was amazing and my best friend. I have missed the last two years without her.
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  3. I have some of the same feelings that Leila has. Though my mom and I get along, we definitely don’t have the loving mother/daughter relationship and in fact, our roles are reversed sometimes. So, like Keri said, my mom has taught me how to be a great mom, only not the way she intended. I hope when my daughter looks back at her childhood she does so with a smile on her face.
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