In Honor of Sgt. Samuel E. Kelsey {Memorial Day}

Sgt Samuel E Kelsey

Memorial Day is upon as and as we spend the day celebrating a day off from work {for some at least}, we should also remember those that have gone before us and sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we have today. My dad, along with both of my grandfathers, most of my uncles and several cousins, have paid their dues serving our country. While almost all have come home from their service there was one that returned home in a casket.

Sgt. Samuel E. Kelsey was killed in action when he went back to help another soldier who had been injured by an improvised explosive device. Upon his return to help the other soldier, Sgt Kelsey himself was fatally injured by a second IED. He died a hero and our family will forever remember him for his thoughtless service to others. Sam was only 24 years old and the only son of my cousin, a single mother who devoted her life to her son.

Sam paid the ultimate price for our freedom in America when he sacrificed his life for another in Tunnis, Iraq on December 13, 2007. He was dedicated to the service to which he committed and had just signed up for another tour. He believed in what he was doing and soon after his death the rest of his company accomplished their mission and the site was named Patrol Base Kelsey after Sam. His willingness to lay down his life for another was recognized and honored that day.

I still have vivid memories of his emotional funeral and how the tiny town in East Texas rallied around my family. It was beyond touching and heartbreaking all at the same time. Those images still play out in my head on days such as this and I am instantly reminded of the liberties soldiers such as Sam have given and continue to give us on a daily basis.

So, as you get to enjoy your day off or have to spend the day at work, please make sure to extend your gratitude to a veteran or active military personnel. They truly deserve it!

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