Oh, Yeah… I’m In #26Acts of Kindness

#26Acts of Kindness

There is no doubt that each of us… in one way or another… were affected by the tragic events we watched unfold in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14th. The death of 20 children is hard to understand no matter what side of the gun control, mental health, or “other agenda” issue you are on. The innocence of these 20 children remains… as does the sad truth that their lives ended way too soon.

I have seen story after story of heartbreak and grief. I have watched as these children’s faces ran across the television screen. They are hard to forget. I can’t forget.

I have a 7 year old daughter.

I have a 1st grader.

I cannot even begin to imagine the loss, the pain, the emptiness. But… what I can do is help to ensure that those 20 children… and 6 adults that lost their life on Friday continue to serve a purpose. That their lives still have meaning. That their legacy lives on. That their memory inspires others to do good.

#26Acts of Kindness

#26Acts of Kindness

As I watch my Facebook feed for stories coming out of Connecticut, I was instantly attracted by the headline of one:

Inspired to act: #26Acts of kindness to honor those lost in Newtown, Conn.

Ann Curry of NBC News answered a question several of us have asked over the past week, “What can I do?

Her solution? #26Acts of kindness. Simple. Meaningful. Unforgettable.

But, people not only jumped on the idea… they added to it with the adults who also lost their life inside the walls of Sandy Hook Elementary. And thus #26Acts of Kindness was born.

The concept? Commit to performing 26 random acts of kindness in memory of the heroic teachers and staff, and innocent children, who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.

Are you in? I am. I cannot wait. I have a plan. Each random act of kindness I perform will be in memory of the 26. I will ensure that the recipient knows and understands that and ask that they simply pay it forward.

Here are some random acts of kindness ideas to get started:

  • Pay for the person behind you at the movie theater
  • Give tickets to a sporting event to a stranger
  • Leave a delivery driver a card and plate of cookies
  • Give a bag of groceries to a homeless person
  • Deliver meal to a sick friend
  • Leave a note on a stranger’s car
  • … the possibilities are endless!

Are you in? Are you committed to do something and create good? Join #26Acts.

Head over to my friend The Frugalette‘s blog to find others joining the cause.

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  1. […] Comments 0 There is no doubt that each of us… in one way or another… were affected by the tragic events we watched unfold in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14th. The death of 20 children is hard to understand no matter what side of the gun …read more […]

  2. I love the idea of giving the recipient a note letting them know it was in memory of one of the victims. I’m about to mail a couple Dunkin Donuts gift cards to 2 very unsuspecting people, think Ill add a note in there.

  3. I’m with Isra, I like that you are letting people know it is in their honor. I’m inspired ladies 🙂
    Ghada recently posted..Cyphers Kids Club Real Augmented FunMy Profile

  4. It’s a beautiful idea, and you’re inspiring me to do something similar. I’m going to try to come up with something creative!
    Melanie S recently posted..I Caught Santa! Will You? Giveaway with 5 Winners!My Profile

  5. Very thoughtful and inspiring way to honor those lost. I love that it is a way children can help also.
    amber whitehead recently posted..May Your Holidays Be Scary And Bright!My Profile

  6. It’s heartwarming to see so many people participating in this.
    Crissy recently posted..Oil Cleansing Method How ToMy Profile

  7. You go girl! I’m so inspired reading all these posts linked-up. I seriously feel like God is smiling with each good deed. I hope we’re proving to our kids more good is in the world than bad.

  8. I hadn’t heard about this. Thanks for the great ideas on how to start! I think I’ll leave our Fedex man some cookies, he does a lot for us throughout the year.
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted..Vanilla Berry Tarts RecipeMy Profile

  9. Horrific event, what happened. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Brianne recently posted..Mommy’s Loving Litter from Amazimals- Fun Interactive Pet!My Profile

  10. Yum! And that is awesome. I am enjoying being able to see so many others get inspired and get moving. <3

  11. When I was able to perform my 1st one today I was almost in tears explaining the reasoning. The lady just nodded her head and smiled. Love carrying on their memories for good.

  12. It really is… but I am glad so many have been inspired to turn a horrific situation into one of giving to others.

  13. Glad to hear that people are being inspired. Link up when you share. I am loving the stories I have read from others. It’s amazing!

  14. Me too! I think it is important that we teach our children how to give to others freely and with love in their hearts. 🙂

  15. I agree! It is definitely a movement I would like to see spread beyond all imagination! 🙂

  16. I sure hope God is smiling down on us! I know that it makes my heart feel good seeing all of the RAK being discussed! And, yes, I do want my children to know that there are good people out there… and that we cannot live in fear.

  17. I LOVE my FedEx man! I have already bought him a card and will be passing it to him along with a small gift. I feel like I know him so well. 🙂

  18. Absolutely horrific… but I love seeing the nation come together in unity over the dedication to give to others. Hoping it continues to grow!
    Staci recently posted..Visit Hotel Transylvania on Nintendo DSiMy Profile

  19. just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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