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Create a Beautiful Rock Garden

Whether you are looking for something fun and different to do with the kids — or just want to get outside — a rock garden may just be the thing for you! It’s great for changing the landscape around your house or for creating an activity to do with the family year round! Create a Beautiful Rock Garden A rock garden......

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Every Cent Counts - How Pocket Change Can Really Add Up

Colby empties his pockets every day and drops the change he finds into a jar that he affectionately calls his 401K plan. It may seem silly to some — but we have discovered quickly that pocket change can really add up! Pocket Change Can Add Up Pocket change can seem like more of a nuisance than something of value, but......

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How to Create Steady Income from Home

Remember when you had to report to a boss every day? You had to show up at certain time, punch a clock when you entered your work place, when you ate, and when you left for home. You had to dress a certain way determined by a dress code and often did extra work that you were never paid for and never received......

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10 Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer

With bathing suit season upon us, you may be more motivated than ever to eat healthier. But as carnivals, ice cream socials and campfire s’mores beckon to you, how can you focus on eating healthier in the summer? Eat Healthier This Summer Between summer travel, backyard barbecues, and a more relaxed lifestyle, our summer diets may take a break......

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Summer Skin Care Tips for Kids

Taking care of your child’’s skin in the summertime may require a bit of effort. Some children love playing outside as much as possible in the summer and they should be protected from the sun. By protecting them from sunburn, you can further help ensure that the summer is long and fun. Summer Skin Care Tips Always apply sunscreen –— Find a......

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