How to Start Pinning on Pinterest

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Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? If yes… do you need a Pintervention? Do you suffer from Pinsomnia? I know I do! And if you have not yet discovered the world of Pinterest… well… watch out when you do because it can be addicting!

Are you new to Pinterest and still trying to figure it all out? I have had a few people ask how to pin on Pinterest so that is the focus of today’s post. It is simple once you walk through it a time or two.

How to Start Pinning on Pinterest

1 – Repin: the easiest way to pin

Hover to pin

Hover your mouse over any pin. You will see the Repin, Like and Comment buttons appear. Simply click the “Repin” button, pick a category, add a description if desired, and hit “Pin it.” Done!

2 – Pin It Button: once dropped in your bookmark tool bar you are good to go

Pin It Button

Drag and drop the “Pin It” button to your bookmark toolbar for easy pinning.

Pin It Button

By clicking the button, all the images on the page will come up. Hover over the one you want to pin and a “Pin It” button will appear. Click the button and a pop-up window will appear where you proceed as before. Category, Description, Pin It.

3 – Pin It through Pinterest: manually upload a picture or link a URL for images

Manually add a pin

At the top of your Pinterest page you will see an “Add+” button

Manually add a pin

This will bring up a window where you can Add a Pin, Upload a Pin, or Create a Board

Add a Pin

Clicking “Add a Pin” will open a window where you insert the URL of the page where the pin is located

Add a Pin

Inserting a URL will bring up a box where you can sort through images. Pick one. Choose the Category. Description. Pin It. Done.

Upload a pin

You can also upload a pin by simply uploading an image from your computer. Category. Description. Pin It.

That’s it! 3 easy ways to pin items on Pinterest! Need an invite? Contact me and I will send out as many as I can. Already on Pinterest? Follow me here: Follow me on Pinterest


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    • says

      I began getting questioned and saw searches coming in looking for the answers… so I thought I would share! Have fun pinning! :)

  1. Lily says

    LOVED your post!!!

    Following you now on pinterest, I just joined last week and I am SO addicted, but I wasn’t sure how to use it, perfect timing with your post ;)