How To Embed a Pinterest Pin into a Blog Post

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So I am a tad bit addicted to Pinterest. The creative ideas and amazing images found there are enough to get even the smallest of creative juices flowing. I like to peruse the site and gather ideas for crafts or home decor that I wish I had the time to attempt. I can find photography ideas, recipes, quotes or even childhood memories. It is typically the last thing I do after climbing into bed at night. I go through all of the pins on my phone before laying down to tell my husband goodnight, say my prayers, and drift off to sleep. Anyways, now that the visual of my bedtime routine is out of the way, I wanted to add to the last tutorial on How-to Pin on Pinterest. Thus, now that we have pinned our favorite items, we need to share with others through our blog. This is so super easy! Here we go!

How To Embed a Pinterest Pin into a Blog Post

Step 1: After pinning an image, go to the board where the pin can be found

Pinterest Board

Step 2: Click on the pin you want to embed

Step 3: Notice the buttons to the right of the pin, click on “Embed”

Pinterest Pin

Step 4: Copy the HTML in the box {resize by changing the pixels before selecting HTML code}


Step 5: Paste the code into your blog’s HTML editor

Pinterest HTML

Step 6: Finish your post and save. All done!


Source: via Staci on Pinterest


That really is all there is to it! Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you. This blog post really helped me and taugh me something new.

  2. Awesome! So glad to know it helped you! Hope you enjoy pinning. 🙂

  3. How have I never noticed the Embed button?!

  4. LOL! You are not the first… I have seen several people ask where to find it. I think it gets buried in the “share” buttons we are all so used to seeing everywhere else. 🙂

  5. Thank you! I couldn’t find the embed button until I read it was on the side haha, thanks 😀

  6. Thanks for a great tip… I was getting quite frustrated with trying to embed images from Pinterest in my blog
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