The Life of a Miscarriage

life of miscarriage

Last week as we were driving home from somewhere, Princess (our 7 year old) began asking questions about Reagan, the baby we lost to miscarriage at 14 weeks. She does this occasionally. We tell her that her middle name is “Random” because she totally is… just like my dad. It makes her who she is. As… 

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Cherish Every Moment with The Heart of Christmas on DVD Plus a Giveaway

The Heart of Christmas

Cherish Every Moment Devastated by the news that their 13 month old son has AML M7, a rare form of leukemia, a family learns to cherish every moment. Austin and Julie Locke rely on their courage and faith to guide them through the remaining months they have left with their son, Dax Locke. Encouraged by a… 

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