Raising Awareness about Global Motherhood with Social Media #InspireCare #LATISM

Johnson & Johnson

There are children in need in every country of the world… from the United States to third world countries. Needs vary but they are needs just the same. Johnson & Johnson and its partners are bonding together to support global motherhood.


Being Inspired

Do you have someone that inspires you to be the best mom you can be? I would have to say that I am inspired through my own mom. My childhood was anything but easy, but she tried all she could to make it the best she could. We never went without medical care and always had food on the table… even if it was not much more than beans and rice. Making the most of any situation and any meal was another trait inspired by my mother.

I learned that family should always come first and that sacrifices are often necessary. I often put my children’s needs ahead of my own and we, as a family, make sacrifices daily in order to live the lifestyle we do. But, no matter what, we do it together. My mom is the only grandmother my children have and they would be lost without her. Even as grandmother she continues to inspire each of them. Her love and inspiration simply keep on giving.

Who inspires you to be the best mom you can be? Your mom? Another family member? Friend?

Johnson & Johnson

Global Motherhood

Johnson & Johnson, together with it partners, support global motherhood with various programs that directly meet the needs of mom and babies across the world. These programs help both mothers and newborns survive motherhood. By supporting doctors, nurses, and other professionals,  quality medical care is being given to those in need. Plus, through education, communities are learning how to work for themselves in reducing the risk of infection from preventable diseases.

For example, one such partner, Safe Kids Worldwide, is a global network with a mission of preventing unintentional childhood injury. The injuries are the leading cause of both death and disability for children under the age of 14.  Together with Johnson & Johnson that teach families about unintentional injury risks, as well as evaluate solutions for identified injury risks. This organization is also responsible for passing and advocating improved child safety laws and regulations. They want to create safer environments for children worldwide.

What can you do to help? Are you active on Social Media? Can you share a Facebook status or send a tweet? Then you can help!

Are you going to the LATISM Conference in Houston this weekend? Stop by the Johnson & Johnson suite and learn more about how you can help.

Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Bloggers Connect and Johnson & Johnson.  However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.
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  1. Raising Awareness about Global Motherhood with Social Media #InspireCare #LATISM…

    There are children in need in every country of the world… from the United States to third world…

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