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Gaming Device

Gaming Device

I have an iPhone and Android based phone… as well an iPad. But, there are several occasions where I reach for my own devices and they have walked away in the hands of a child.  They know which apps they can play and how to get to them. My kids are “my kids”… and therefore technologically advanced. I love technology as do my kids. Thus, when we received a new gaming device designed for young people they were excited about testing it out. And putting it to the test was something they have spent the last two weeks doing.


The MG is a new Wi-FI Android App-gaming system made for kids. While these kids may not yet be old enough to have their own cell phones, the MG is a fun alternative to gaming on the go. After all, there are no monthly charges and the apps are found through Google’s Play Store. Plus, the Family Collaboration System includes a $10 offer from SpendSmart™ prepaid MasterCard® and acts as a “Digital Wallet” on the device. These money can then be used for purchasing more apps from the store… but only based on the parental controls and spending limits that have been established.

MG Features include:

  • 4” WVGA (480X800) Capaci2ve Touch Display
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB internal flash storage
  • 1.3MP front facing camera with ability to shoot and play video
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which includes new Face Unlock security feature
  • 3.5 Stereo Headset jack
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Micro USB 2.0 HS
  • Gyroscope, Compass, Accelerometer

Gaming Device

The girls (all under the age of 9) were easily able to work with the MG. I downloaded a few apps and then set them loose to explore and discover the new device. Even Monkey knew exactly how to slide the lock screen to open it and to thumb through the home pages to find the app she wanted. And when Princess was not feeling well last week, a few games of Angry Birds kept her busy during church service so she could still attend and stay with us. Not all of the games require WiFi, so the kids are still able to play some of the apps without being connected. They even know more than I which games those are… I haven’t a clue.

handheld gaming device

As a parent, I greatly appreciate the spending limit on apps and other parental controls. The price is a great buying factor considering the prices of other viable options. And the fact that there is no browser for downloading viruses is also a huge plus. It appears that MG has thought of everything to ensure that our kids stay safe while using this pocketable, portable handheld gaming device. Notice the size compared to an iPhone 4S above. It easily fits into small hands or a back pocket.

The included pre-loaded games, included 8GB SD card, admirable product packaging, and inexpensive price tag make the MG a terrific option for both parents and kids. Kids can learn about the technology in which they live… and parents can take back control of their devices and alleviate the need for more storage on them.

You can learn more about the MG by liking PlayMG on Facebook or by following along on Twitter.


One lucky reader will win their own MG gaming device by entering on the form below. Open to US residents over 18 only. Giveaway ends on 12/29. Good luck!

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