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Frankenweenie will always bring back strong feelings after I attended the White Carpet Premiere in Hollywood. I mean, when you are in the room with Tim Burton watching his masterpiece unfold on the screen it is hard to forget. Even as we turned the Blu-ray on yesterday and the credits began to roll across the screen, I was taken back to the El Capitan theater. Every name was cheered by the groups representing each actor, crew member, and others who helped to make the film. It was fun to share with my kids. Have you seen it yet? Well, you can now bring Frankenweenie home on DVD and Blu-ray.

My husband was the only one that had not yet seen it in theaters. He even found it amusing and liked the premise of the movie. The kids were able to enjoy the movie a bit more at home since they knew what to expect and which parts they may not want to watch again. Knowing the Vampire Cat was coming was much easier to handle at home. And yet they all enjoyed watching it again with their dad this time… even the teens. I am sure this will be a family favorite… especially as a great Halloween film. Not to mention, watching at home means getting a closer at the behind-the-scenes details such as learning how the puppets were made to “act” during the filming.

The 4-Disc combo pack  includes:

  • All-new original short “Captain Sparky vs The Flying Saucers
  • Exciting behind-the-scenes featurette with Tim Burton “Miniatures in Motion: Bringing ‘Frankenweenie’ to Life
  • Showcase of the film’s touring exhibit, “Frankenweenie’ Touring Exhibit
  • Tim Burton’s original live-action short of the same name
  • Music video for “Pet Sematary” performed by the Plain White T’s
  • and more

Plus, to enhance your family’s movie watching experience, Disney has a great Frankenweenie Movie Night fun pack for you. The Fun Pack includes a step-by-step guide on how to draw Sparky, printable character masks as well as Pin the Tail on Sparky and Frankenweenie Memory games. My budding artist loved learning how to draw Sparky!
Frankenweenie Movie Night Fun Pack
Frankenweenie is now available on DVD and Blu-ray and you can learn more by liking Frankenweenie on Facebook or following along on Twitter.

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