Finding Solitaire within a Full House #SolitaireDeluxe

I have at least 6 kids running around my home most of the day… every day. I am not in any way complaining just stating a fact. That fact being that finding time for “me” is not that easy. You know how you go to the bathroom and instantly there are fingers under the door or screams in the next room? Yeah. That. So how do I go about finding solitaire at home?

Finding Solitaire

How do you find Solitaire-y moments at home? I have a full house pretty much all the time. Even with our middle two girls at school, we typically still have the teens home. They will both be starting back at the local college in a few weeks, but that is only twice a week. And our toddler, Monkey, is always home. Even my husband is working from home with me right now. See? Always a full house. There is one place I can find to get away when everyone is awake. The shower. Yep. When I take a shower I tune out everything outside the doors. I give the reigns over to my husband and let him handle it for a while without me. The shower is my solace.

Solitaire Deluxe

Then, after everyone has gone to bed and I am finished working for the night, I crawl into bed and play Solitaire Deluxe on my phone. Not even kidding. Every night. It helps me take my mind off things so I can sleep. All those thoughts running through my mind are shelved so I can concentrate on the game in my hand. Plus, since it comes on both iPhone and Android, if one phone is dying I can easily pick up the other one! Bonus to having 2 phones!

Solitaire Deluxe

Solitaire Deluxe

Do you like to play Solitaire? We even play a group game that involves Solitaire called Pounce. Everyone plays their own game of solitaire as we well as a community game. I must admit that I am the champion around here. It probably comes from playing Solitaire Deluxe from Mobile Deluxe every night. I am practicing so that I can stay ahead. And with 16 different versions of the game I can get plenty of playing time in before our next round of Pounce!

Solitaire Deluxe is an absolutely FREE download that you can “pick up and play” anywhere… even without an Internet connection.

Other fab features about the download? (1) It is 4.5-star rated app in iTunes and Google Play, (2) includes simple tutorials for all 16 games, and (3) makes it super easy to find friends using Facebook connect.

Download your FREE Solitaire Deluxe game now!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mobile Deluxe.


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