Financial Literacy Month with My Job Chart

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month

In today’s tough economic times, we are all looking to establish healthy financial habits for long time security. The month of April is considered National Financial Literacy Month and teaches people how to maintain money-smart decisions. As important as it is to learn good financial practices for adults, making sure our children know about the need to develop these skills is also crucial.

Online Chore Chart for Kids

My Job Chart, an online chore chart was designed to teach young people the concept of responsibility, work ethic and the value of money by giving them a way to earn points for completing their chores. The free site has always offered a way for young users to “spend” their points on rewards they want, “share” what they earn with a chosen charity, or to “save” for the future. Kids are able to experience the tremendous rewards of earning money for themselves and then of accumulating that money and saving for the future. As they do this they will get a $20 bonus into each child’s account just for signing up for a kids savings account. My Job Chart is easy of use and the high-tech approach have made a hit with more than 140,000 kids in just over a year since its inception with kids completing over 9.4 Million chores using the site!

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