Encouraging Pretend Play : Doc McStuffins & Kohl’s

encouraging pretend play

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I have 3 little girls at home who love to play dress up and “house.” They set up salons, restaurants, grocery stores, and doctor’s offices for Colby and I to visit. Encouraging pretend play is something we do often because we believe in its benefits.

encouraging pretend play

Encouraging Pretend Play

Through observing my girls, I can see that is does not take much to get a child’s imagination going. A few props is all they need to really tap into their natural creativity. For instance, my youngest 2 girls really like the idea of playing doctor. They will often find random objects to use as a “shot” or bandage and proceed to perform a surgery of some sort on me. But, before they begin, they always give me a diagnosis… that has to end with “osis.” Why? Well, because that is how Doc McStuffins always ends her diagnoses, of course.

Doc McStuffins bag

You could imagine the girls’ excitement when we gave them the Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set from Kohl’s. With the tethoscope, thermometer, syringe, otoscope, and bandage found within the medical case, Doc McStuffins was ready to go. Together the girls worked to find and diagnose what was ailing each of their patients, as well as planned and problem-solved along the way. Such an incredible way to show cooperation and social skills for perfecting as they grow older.

dollie and me

Dollie & Me

They also received Dollie & Me wearing a denim jacket, striped dress, glittery petticoat and heart-print tights. She is a strawberry blonde and they currently trying to think of a great name for her. I think they were mesmerized by the awesome outfit she came in! That petticoat is too cute!

dollie and me

Plus, this fun new fashionable friend is easy to carry and great for playtime. Through the use of the doll and the ability to act out real-life scenarios, the girls are learning life skills for later in life. Not to mention, they are able to work on their communication skills with each other and simply learn to play well with others.

How do you encourage pretend play with your children?

Although they may have “imaginary” spats along the way as well, they are still learning the art of working it out through their pretend play. All of this is enhanced by offering them fabulous toys, props, and, most importantly, our own time and imagination.



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  1. karen medlin Says: November 27, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I remember teaching my little ones about basics of hygiene and safety by pretend play. Grocery store and Office is the biggest thing they like to role play in. For grocery store, I save empty boxes, play money, a few apples and canned goods and they are good to go for a few hours.

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