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Hopping Frogs game

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A speech disorder in my youngest has taught us a new way to look at things. For one, we now notice toys with more of a fun, educational aspect to them. We need toys and board games that can further help our daughter develop her speaking skills.

Hopping Frogs game

Educational Board Games for Kids

Super Duper Publications has become one of our go-to places to shop. Both her Speech and Occupational Therapists use the products from Super Duper, so we know they are quality items. In fact, each time I get something new from them, I wait to show it to our Speech Therapist so that she can show us the best way to use it with our daughter.

articulation game

Hopping Frogs Language Game

The very first board game we decided to introduce our daughter to was Hopping Frogs® Language Game. Of course, at first she was most interested in the frogs and watching them hop. But I wanted to talk with her therapist about how she would recommend using the game with our daughter. Since articulation is one of our main goals with her, she told us to focus more on the question cards. Although she may not be ready for playing the game as it was intended, it is instrumental is further helping develop her skills. Initial Consonant Deletion is her main speech impairment at this time, so we use the question cards to further develop and work on those sounds. And our daughter still just wants to play with the hopping frogs. At least she repeats the sounds as she plays.

Go For The Dough

Go For The Dough

With my middle two daughters, they enjoy playing more of a teacher role with their younger sister. Therefore, Go For The Dough® has been their favorite game from Super Duper. They help the youngest make her way around the board game, while also encouraging her language development. Plus, what I think is best about this board game, is the fact that they are all working on enriching their vocabulary simply by playing a game. The learning is easily intertwined into their play. Additionally, they get to enjoy the concept of managing a little money each time they “deliver a pizza” to Grandma’s house.

Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications

The products from Super Duper are developed by its founders, Sharon and Thomas Webber. Sharon was a Speech- Language Pathologist when she began developing the line of toys and games, and you can tell in how incredible they are in teaching. Each of the products we have used whether on or own or with the therapists have been key in helping further develop our daughter’s language skills. In addition to the two games above, we also have 3 more that the girls are still learning to play. But, they have already discovered how fun learning can be when introduced in a new, exciting way.

Turtle Talk

Turtle Talk

As each player picks a card and answer a question, they can skate around the board and earn Turtle  Tokens™ throughout the game of Turtle Talk®. The focus of the board game is to further help children get more opportunities for fluency and language practice. It should help conversation and words flow more easier for the girls.

Super Duper board games

Word Joggers for Categories 

Word Joggers® for Categories is a type of BINGO. But, instead of BINGO, there is Bat-Frog-Cat-Octopus-Ant. With the youngest having a limited language right now, it is something the older two prefer more than her. She does try her best though! It has been great for identifying words too, for all 3 of the girls.

MagneTalk Yogarilla Exercises Game 

Perhaps the most intriguing game for my 8 year old is the MagneTalk® Yogarilla® Exercises Game. Although I wanted it to help focus on my 4 year old’s occupational needs, her sister just thinks it is fun and calls it her own. She seems to be really be a natural at the yoga poses, and with 15 different ones to learn and try, this is the perfect game for her! Not to mention, it works on strength, balance, and motor planning. Great concept coming from a board game for kids!

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