Ecozoo Backpack from Green Apple Supply both Fun and Practical

Ecozoo Backpack

Ecozoo Backpack

I do not carry a purse, but I am picky about the “diaper bag” that I carry around for my children. But, with my last little one out of diapers, she has moved onto her own, personal backpack. That is where her new Ecozoo Backpack comes in. These adorably cute backpacks are just the right size for my independent toddler to carry on her own. Plus, they hold a change of clothes, a snack, a cup, and a few toys. Perfect space to fit our needs. Not to mention, considering Monkey’s love for all things “animal“, she s thrilled to know that she has a pretty panda hanging on her back.


Eco-friendly Features: 

  • natural cotton canvas & rope materials
  • non-toxic dyes
  • sustainable wood accents
  • recycled plastic components
  • padded shoulder straps
  • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5 inches

Ecozoo Backpack

Sensory Diet

Furthermore, as part of Monkey’s sensory diet, we put heavier objects into her Ecozoo backpack and let her carry it around the house. She can use it to tote toys up and down the stairs or to gather her toys once she is done playing with them. Since she requires that deep tissue sensory, the backpack is a great way to give her that feeling as she wears it around the house. The padded shoulder straps protect her little arms and she gets a kick out of the fun little panda feet. And when she isn’t toting it around on her back she will sit and play with the panda. He talks to her and they can have a fabulous time just playing on the floor together through the imagination of a child. Basically, the Ecozoo backpack has proven to be both fun and practical… as well as safe for our environment.

Green Apple Supply

Green Apple Supply

Established as a non-profit source for green home, school and office supplies, Green Apple Supply sells hundreds of essentials and gifts that are, in most cases, 50 to 60 percent less than traditional mark-ups on retail products. Consumers can buy a range of items from BPA-free and PVC-free sandwich bags to plant-based paints, biodegradable calculators, banana paper journals and more for just slightly over cost.

Through its website, Green Apple Supply also offers an opportunity for its visitors to donate to the organization’s goal of making eco-friendly products accessible to everyone nationwide and throughout the world.

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