10 Duck Dynasty Watching Party Ideas #DuckNation

Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty? It averages around 8.4 million viewers, so the chances are high you may be one of them. I know I am! After all, it ranked second only to AMC’s, The Walking Dead last season.

Duck Dynasty Watching Party

Duck Dynasty

Tonight, the show will begin its 4th season. There is even the introduction of a new cast member: Alan. Alan is the oldest of the Robertson boys and will join his family on the show this year. Having met Jase a few weeks ago at an event in Arkansas, I can tell you that he is true to character. Incredibly nice. Down-to-earth. And the first thing out of his mouth when he stepped onto the stage was declaring his love for Jesus. I love that I can sit and watch the show with my entire family without worrying about anything bad coming from the TV.

Jase Robertson

10 Watching Party Ideas

Now… are you having a Duck Dynasty watching party? I know we will be sitting in front of the TV early so we do not miss a quack! I found a few great party ideas that will fit perfectly into the camouflage theme of the night.

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  1. Hunter’s Camo Trail Mix – Great for snacking while the men are hunting.
  2. Draw a beard onto a piece of [amazon_link id=”B003U7IJYO” target=”_blank” container=”” rel=”nofollow” container_class=”” ]Kraft cardstock[/amazon_link], color/decorate, cut out, and tape a popsicle stick to the back. Make sure to cut out a mouth space!
  3. No party can be complete without Camouflage Cupcakes.
  4. Stuffed animals can set the scene. Rubber ducks. [amazon_link id=”B002L9DV4A” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” container=”” container_class=”” ]Duck decoys[/amazon_link]?
  5. Using waterproof glue, attach a [amazon_link id=”B004YVOS0Y” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” container=”” container_class=”” ]mason jar[/amazon_link] to a candle stick for Redneck Wine Glasses.
  6. A large pitcher of Ice Tea is a must! (Did you know that Si drinks unsweet tea? Just a fun fact for you).
  7. Make ham sandwiches and stick a picket sign in it reading, “What do we want? Ham Sammich.”
  8. Pass out [amazon_link id=”B001681UYA” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” container=”” container_class=”” ]kazoos[/amazon_link] to party-goers for some crazy “duck call” noise… during commercials. (at your own risk)
  9. Include homemade Southern dishes such as corn bread and banana pudding in your party menu. Duck?
  10. Be sure to pray before your meal and enjoy the time together!

There you have it. Follow these tips… add your own creative flair… and everyone will be “Happy, Happy, Happy!”

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