Smooth Features on a Big Phone with the Droid DNA #VZWA

Droid DNA

Droid DNA

Being a Verizon Wireless Ambassador means trying out some pretty cool new gadgets. I was pretty excited to open a box and find the Droid DNA staring back at me. My very first impression was no doubt over the size of this smartphone. I immediately laid it beside my iPhone 4S to compare. I even began researching the size differences simply out of curiosity. So, for those as interested as I was, the iPhone screen is 4 inches. The DNA? 5 inches. At first I was not sure how I felt about the larger size but these old eyes have come to love the larger screen.

1080p full-HD display

Speaking of the screen, the DNA is one of the first smartphones to have a 1080p full-HD display. The video and picture quality on the phone are outstanding. This is perfect for all those times when you want to capture a moment and do not have a camera available. Not to mention you can capture pictures while shooting video with VideoPic™. More about the camera will be coming.

Beats Audio

Beats Audio

The one feature that always makes my teens jealous is Beats Audio. There is a built-in amp to help project the sounds of  your music, games and videos out for all to hear. The crisp sound quality is apparent and appreciated when listening to my music while working.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2

One of the first things I noticed other than the size of the phone was the round, sleek design. It is smooth and comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand. After listening to an HTC webinar I learned that the DNA is made with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2. Coupled with the polycarbonate body makes is a durable phone ready to endure the daily moments of the everyday users life.

Droid DNA

1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor

Finally, the DNA is a fast moving phone. The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor means I can easily stream music while perusing Facebook or pinning on Pinterest. While at the same time downloading more cool apps to help my productivity or keep me entertained. I cannot wait to discover more about this phone as I continue to explore it over the next couple of months.

Watch for more about the Droid DNA to come in the weeks ahead!

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