Develop Gross Motor Skills with Magic Cabin

Gross Motor Skills

Develop Gross Motor Skills

I have mentioned previously that my toddler has Sensory Processing Disorder. As we work through her therapy sessions, we learn more and more about her special needs. Her particular sensory diet consists of deep tissue pressure, spinning, jumping, rolling… all sorts of fun ideas. Yet, as I began to look at the toys we already had, I knew we needed to grow our collection in another way. Monkey needs help as she continues to develop gross motor skills. Her sensory needs tend to overwhelm us all as we are learning at times as we are learning how to best accommodate her… but we are learning. It has been a joy discovering new toys and ideas behind the concept of everyday play.

Balance Board

Two in One Balance Board

One such toy we recently found was the Two in One Balance Board from Magic Cabin. By holding the wooden board and twisting turning it, the child can move the ball around the enclosed path. And whereas Monkey can work on gross motor skills by trying to maneuver the ball around the maze, there is another aspect to the board. For Monkey, her favorite part is standing on the wooden board. She seems to like the texture and feel of the all-natural rubberwood. And, by holding our hands at first, she is able to successfully climb on the balance board and wiggle back and forth. Little does she know she is working on balance, and developing her proprioceptive sense.

Magic Cabin

By standing on the board to balance it or holding it to get the ball through the maze, Monkey is learning to tell her brain exactly where and how to move. She must conceptualize each move purposefully and she is learning well. I must admit, she was a little frustrated in the beginning and just walked away, but she came back around. The simplicity of the Two in One Balance Board is enough to keep her both entertained and not over-simulated. Plus, even the other kids enjoy picking it up and trying to maneuver the ball through the maze.

Magic Cabin

About Magic Cabin:

From our humble beginnings in 1989, to our full-color, full-size catalog of today, Magic Cabin has been guided by the simple notion that children’s lives are enriched by ample time for open-ended, creative, imaginative play. We believe in good-old-fashioned make believe and in children’s innate need to interact with simple, natural toys and crafts. While childhood becomes endangered we pioneer towards protecting this special time in life by conscientiously selecting products that are beautiful and enchanting, sturdy and safe, and best of all, FUN.

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