printable 4th of July Bingo

Almost every 4th of July for the last 20+ years, Colby and I have spent watching the same fireworks show. We load the kids up, grab dinner at the same restaurant, and park in front of the same air strip. It’s become our family “thing.” 4th of July Bingo Now, because we have this family tradition, we typically know......

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7 easy beach crafts

Playing at the beach — or at least a sandbox — is a rite of passage for many during the summer. Why not get crafty this summer while playing that beach sand though? It will help with the inevitable “I’m bored” complaints you will eventually get from the kids. Get creative while playing in the sand try some different crafts the next time you’re......

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Big Game Commercial Bingo

Honestly, how many of us just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials? Those big game commercials have become their own cultural phenomenon and are highly anticipated each year. Advertisers pour good money into each commercial and bathroom breaks are reserved for game time. Come on, you know it’s true! Big Game Commercial Bingo Now, we all know the......

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Love is You and Me printable poster

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, there is no time like the present to start planning your gifts! Here is a super easy, and crazy affordable, way to show that special someone a little bit of love all year round! Printable Love Posters These printable Love posters make creative, frugal gifts! As long as you have access......

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Little Charmers rainbow fields

Right after telling Colby that we were expecting with each child, I would call my sister. She has always been one of my closest friends and I have found power in our friendship. Being able to call her, or any friend, when I need to talk has magical powers unlike any other relationship. Little Charmers on Nick Jr. help......

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