Help Me Win and You Could Win! #CookBlogandWin

Disclosure: I have the opportunity to win cash in Gorton’s #CookBlogandWin challenge based on voting outcome.

So recipes may not be my calling, but I do have fun throwing some together when I get the opportunity. Recently, Gorton’s Seafood challenged myself and 7 other bloggers to a #CookBlogandWin recipe challenge. We had to come up with a fresh, kid-friendly, Latin-inspired recipe using one of their frozen fish products. We accepted the challenge!


We all sat down and tossed around ideas. Anything and everything that came to mind. For some reason, our 7 year old kept suggesting recipes using chocolate. For some reason, chocolate and fish did not sound to tempting to the rest of us so we kept going. We did get fixated on mango though. The rest of the ingredients were up for discussion. After much deliberation, we had our list of ingredients and it was time to get cooking!

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Lime Cream

And it was delicious! Gorton’s Premium Tilapia Fish Sticks smothered in a Mango Salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla with a side of Lime Cream. Easy to cook, prepare, and serve in no time. And now the rest was up to the voters. That is where I need your help!

The recipe is now part of the #CookBlogandWin challenge and the voting ends on October 31st. That means it is time for a push for votes this weekend. Which also means a flash giveaway if you will help?!

What I need?

  • VOTES! Once a day per email through October 31st.

What you can win:

  • $50 PayPal cash for your vote (regardless if I win the contest)
  • $25 PayPal cash to the person who refers the most to the contest (*can be the same person)
  • Plus, every 100th voter wins a free Gorton’s product!

Contest runs through 12:00am on November 1st. (Last day for voting in contest is October 31st). Good luck! OPEN WORLDWIDE!


WINNERS: TBA (awaiting confirmation)

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