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Thank you for reaching out to me. Please leave your information below or email me at for anything blog or Social Media related. I am also available for product reviews, advertising, Twitter parties, Social Media Consulting and more. You can read about my family-friendly policy and more here.

Please feel free to check out our media kit (based on both Days of a Domestic Dad and I working together… please contact for individual rates).

I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you would rather connect there.


  • Do you accept guest posts? Yes, I do… from other bloggers. If you are offering to write me a “content rich post” that includes links back to a commercial website, all links will be nofollow and there will be a sponsored post fee. That is not a guest post.
  • Where did my comment go? I moderate my comments to avoid both spam and trolls. If it is neither of those it should show up once I approve it.
  • Where can I buy so-and-so product found on your blog? In each and every review post there will be information on the brand. Please click through to support the company and find out more about product availability. I do not personally sell any products.

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