Classic Game with New Twist: Reverse Charades

Does your family enjoy playing board games? How about the kind where you actually have to get up and move around? We have discovered a great new game that you will love.

Reverse Charades

Classic Game with New Twist

We have all played a game of charades, right? You have two teams and one player that stands in front of their team. That one person then acts out a word or phrase without making a sound. Now, let’s change things around. Let’s try a classic game with a new twist… and believe me it makes a huge difference!

This contemporary version of the classic game puts a spin on how we are used to the game going. In Reverse Charades, you still split up in teams. You still act out a word or phrase without making a sound. But… the difference is in how the words are guessed. You know that ONE person on the team that was doing the acting out? Well, they are now sitting and guessing and the REST of the team is acting. So, instead of one person’s take on the word, you can get 2, 3, 4 or more.

Each person sees the word and begins to act it out. Different people may have different views on how to represent the word… so you see all sorts of craziness. And in the Junior Edition, we found that the younger kids who did not know the word, were fun to watch as they watched the others. So just imagine, instead of one monkey jumping around your living room, there are 3 or more. And as they try to get the word out of the guessers mouth, they begin to interact with each other as monkeys do. It can be quite hilarious to watch!

Guess as Many Words as Possible

As I mentioned above, there is a Junior edition, as well as an Original, French and Dutch edition. The Original edition comes with 720 words in a grab-and-go box with a colorful sand timer for game play. The Junior edition comes with the same pieces, but is specifically designed for kids ages 6+. The goal of each game is the same: guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds. It is fast-paced and full of laughs. We had a great time playing and were actually able to play both games at once. We played the younger girls and their friends against the teens and theirs. This was each team had age-appropriate words and we could all play together. We had a great time and were laughing for over an hour as we played along.

There are also three expansion packs available:

  • Girls’ Night In Edition: outrageously fun women-themed words
  • Sports Edition: athletic-themed words
  • Holiday Edition: The perfect stocking stuffer with holiday-themed words

PLUS… there is a new app that provides over 1,000 words from the Original, Junior, Awesome 80’s, Sports, Girls Night In and Holiday editions. It is available on both Apple and Android based devices. This way to you can play Reverse Charades from anywhere!

Children’s Hospitals (my favorite part)

When you buy Reverse Charades, a portion of the price supports efforts to bring laughter to kids and their families at Children’s Hospitals. Please contact them for more information on how you can get involved.

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Winter Gift Guide

Gift GuideYou can find Reverse Charades at [amazon_link id=”B004ASC5QK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon [/amazon_link]and Toys ‘R Us stores this holiday season. PLUS: Watch for a giveaway coming up soon that will be featured in the Noise Girls Winter Gift Guide!
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