Caring Santa Invites Special Needs Children to a Private Photo Session and Simon Mall are teaming up with their photo operators, including Noerr Programs, to offer families with special needs children an opportunity to take pictures with Santa Claus.  They have worked to lessen potential triggers at events that are held during private mall hours so as to provide a calmer sensory-friendly environment.

Caring Santa

We are new to the special needs family but that does not mean our toddler is. She has been who she is for the past 3 years… we have simply just diagnosed it in the past few months. Therefore, I was thrilled to learn about Caring Santa.
Caring Santa

For the third consecutive year, Caring Santa will be coming to malls across the country in December. He will be offering children with special needs, and their siblings, a chance to participate in the time-honored tradition of taking a photo with Santa. The difference being that Santa will be available via a private, sensory-friendly environment. An unprecedented 81 Simon Malls across the country, two military exchanges and about six independent malls are participating this year… and the list is still growing.

The private photo session with Santa is set up to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of children with all abilities. Be sure to find the nearest mall and RSVP soon!

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