Blast Your Summer Playlist with a Pringles Speaker Can

summer playlist

Blast Your Summer Playlist

One thing that has stood the hands of time and is still able to bring people together is music. Whether live, on an old vinyl record, dusty 8-track, or an mp3 on the iPod; music surrounds us all.  I know my family loves to have music on in the background. We can simply be visiting, playing a game, or just goofing around. In fact, we make sure to turn the music on every night when we sit down to eat our dinner just for background noise as we eat and talk  together. We also find ourselves outside in the summer a lot.

Whether we are kicking around a ball, jumping on the trampoline, or playing in the water… we are typically listening to our favorite tunes. And, honestly, who would have thought that you could blast your summer playlist with a Pringles Speaker Can? That’s right! A Pringles Speaker Can! We can easily take this speaker everywhere we go because it is convenient to carry. Plus, it sounds great plugged into your favorite mp3 player. We can put the speaker on top of an empty Pringles can, plug it into our iPhone, turn it on, play our music and set back and listen. The acoustics of the empty can intensifies your summer playlist and provides quality sound and bass anywhere, anytime. It is awesome and the greatest conversation piece!

Pringles speaker can

Free Pringles Speaker

How would you like to grab your own Pringles Speaker? America’s favorite snack crisp, Pringles, has teamed up with Perez Hilton to give you yet another reason to stock up on your favorite snack.  From now until October 31, 2012, you can send in the proof of purchase from any four traditional-sized Pringles cans, along with the redemption form, to receive a free Pringles Speaker by mail. Find out more information about Pringles by liking them on Facebook.

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