Angelina Ballerina Dances into Hearts in Superstar Sisters DVD

Do you have young, inspiring dancers in your home? My 7 year old collects Angelina Ballerina DVD’s so that she can learn to dance like her. She even has an instructional DVD led by Angelina and wears her leotard as she watches. Her love is dance is only enhanced when she watches Angelina Ballerina prance across the television screen.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

Now she can join both Angelina and her sister Polly as they do a sister dance in Angelina Ballerina®: Superstar Sisters. Together the girls twirl and sparkle through sisterly love and mishaps, such as a broken music box. Angelina and Polly embrace their sibling relationship and encourage each other in every day situations. My girls enjoyed watching Angelina and her sister find delight in their bond as sisters… just as they each do on a daily basis. As they watched they would get up and spin and jump along with the girls in the episodes. After watching all 5 episodes they were once again inspired to get up and dance… as well as continue to work towards their own dreams of dancing.

Superstar Sister Episodes include:

  • Angelina and the Music Box
  • Angelina’s Nature Dance
  • Angelina Jumps The River
  • Angelina and the Mini-Mouseling
  • Angelina and Polly’s Big Day

Plus DVD Bonus Features:

  • Polly’s Picture Matching Game
  • I Will Be A Star” Karaoke Music Video

You can learn more about Angelina Ballerina on Facebook and find the [amazon_link id=”B009P0BEPG” target=”_blank” container=”” rel=”nofollow” container_class=”” ]DVD on[/amazon_link].

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