Cut Through Grease in the Garage with Dawn + Giveaway

how to cut through grease in the garage

Do you ever find that things in your garage can get pretty greasy? From tools to tires and even the floors. What if I told you about a secret ingredient to cutting through that grease? Dawn. Yep. The same Dawn you use in your kitchen can also help clean up in the garage. Cut Through Grease Just think about the grease you find on your dishes. Trying to clean up the mess after a grimy dinner can often be a tedious job without the proper dish soap. We know that Dawn can cut grease in the ...

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Get Kids Excited About Science with Odyssey Magazine + Giveaway

get kids excited about science with Odyssey Magazine

One of the challenges with homeschooling 5 kids is learning how to teach each one of them. Meaning, children have their own way of learning. Most of my children are tactile learners. They need to do things themselves to learn. Science is an excellent hands-on subject. But not all my kids love it. So, we found a way to get kids excited about science with Odyssey Magazine. Odyssey Magazine Jaci, our 8 year old daughter, is our more creative, free-spirited child. Therefore, Math and Science are ...

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